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"take good care of yourself, you belong to me." 
Janet Britton USA 29Aug 99 - part of lyrics Edward C. Hinckley 
04 Nov 00 - complete lyrics Joe Gorman
"The Night Miss Nancy's House For Single Girls Burned Down" (The words speak about prominent men ducking out.hoping not to be seen leaving the burning house)  lytle

18 Sep 2001     -      Allan Cross

15 Jul 1999 -  "Ida as Sweet as an Apple Cider" Kurt W.von Elgg- 
Sao Paulo, Brazil
09 Oct 99 - Arlene 
15 Jul 1999 - "Darktown Strutters Ball"  Kurt W.von Elgg  1999 Joe Burke 
                 "Katty bell"  Julius Kurnia - Indonesia 27 Dec 00 - Peter Cook
'The Glendy Burke', 'Beautiful dreamer', 'Oh Lemuel', 'Some folks', 'Open thy lattice' Julius Kurnia 17Aug 99      - Brian Warnberg
22 Jul 1999 - "The Reverand Mister Black"  MIchael Emmert 19 Aug 99     - Brian Warnberg
26 Jul 1999 - "If I ever get back to georgia" - Dean Martin ("The wind blows cold in New York City .............if I ever get back to GA I gonna nail my feet to the ground.") That is one verse. Terry Davis That comes from the song, "By the Time I Get to Phoenix". 
23 Jul 01     -  
26 Jul 1999 - "Big Butter Man" Helder1111 22 Nov 02 - Dean
30 Jul 1999 - "This Land Is Your Land"  Lauri - LA, USA 20 Aug 99     -     Brian Warnberg
3 Aug1999 - "Where are you going my little one...Turn around, Turn around" 1)Hugh Mallon - Canada 
2) D.  O'Connor
11Aug 99    -     Mike
8 Aug1999 -"A shanty in old shanty town"  
23Aug - 1st verse: "I cannot remember the melody. Wonder if someone could help me".  [suggestion: music notation or audio cassette of someone singing it - even without accompanying music - Carlo]
Brenda Stefka 
 17Aug 99     -     BrianWarnberg 
03 Nov 00   -    Joe Gorman up-dated version, to a faster tempo, that came out in the late '40s.
22 Aug 1999 - .. song title and complete lyrics of a song that I heard during the 1960's thru 1970's, although it could have been released earlier than that. I do remember part of the lyrics, : "Hey, look what you have done, showing me the sun. And now, it's shinning through. It's nice to be with you.  Abe Masiddo- 
Seattle, WA., USA
04 Nov 00     Tish
23 Aug 1999 - "il cuore e' uno zingaro"- Author: Nicola Di bari (Italian song) Ilia Sterik 13 Mar 00  - Susan Savarise
24 Aug 1999 - (1)"Shoestring you got your hat on backwards"   (2) I do not know the title but the first words go like this...     "Rolly polly, daddy's little fatty, hungry every minute of the day..." Janice Fussell (1) ? 
(2)   20/08/2000       Russ Clinton 
29 Aug 1999 - "The Pope and the Sultan"(I'm not sure of the title. An early 20th century humorous/glee club/drinking number, beginning) "The Pope, he leads a jolly life, jolly life.  He's free from every care and strife, care and strife." and then goes on contrasting the Pope and the Sultan... Edward C. Hinckley 21 Apr 2002 - I learned this song at Camp Chewonki, Wiscasset, Maine. I'm glad to share the lyrics. Sincerely, Jefferson Wells
17 Sep 1999 - text of the song that I'm looking for is "GOING BACK TO MY ROOTS" the name of the Group is ODISSEY  Francesca 2000-06-08 Carla UK
21 Sep 1999 - "While Strolling Through the Park One Day" Or "The fountain in the park" Mary 05 Oct 99-Wayne Jeffress-Part  
09 Oct 99-Arlene Complete lyrics 
29 Sep 1999 - How Ya Gonna Keep Em Down On The Farm After They've seen Paree' ?  Doris O'Connor 08 Oct 99 - Arlene
02 Oct 1999 - "Hard Times" by Stephen Foster Bessie O'Rourke 2000-04-13 David Dekker
07 Oct 1999 - Old Country Joe and the Fish song. Name of the song  might be  "Fixing To Die"  main chorus: "1-2-3, what're we fightin' for, never mind I don't give a damn. Next stop is viet nam".  I need this for a class I am taking. If you know where I can find this I would be grateful. Rod Miller 16 Sep 00             EMVEEVO
07 Oct 1999 - "MIDNIGHT ON THE OCEAN" (The Dying Fisherman's Song) - My mother taught this song when I was a kid.  I am now in my 70' it's at least as old as that.   Arlene 2000-07-27  (Three versions)  David Green
12 Oct 1999 - Italian sing-a-long Christmas song "Dominick the Donkey" 1) Doug & Felicia  
2) Mazzocchi, 
3)  AudraFelix
23 Jan 01 - Holly
25 Oct 1999 - "Saltwater"all I know is, it is some kind of environmental song. Wee Kuo 16 Sep 00             Mary
16 Nov 1999- "Only You" --goes something like-- only you can make my world shine  shine bright.....Only you can make my dreams come true . . .possibly by Frankie Lane?  Sandy 16 Dec 1999           Peter Cook
16 Nov 1999- "Where is the Good in Goodbye?" Ofarrell 16 Sep 00             Mary
18 Nov 1999- lyrics of and  information (like who wrote the songs etc... of: (1)"HELLO, (2) HOTEL CALIFORNIA, (3) FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART, (4) SOMETIMES" Celine Diem Phuong  (1) 09 Aug 01     -  Akdogan 
(2) 2000-03-13   - Susan Savarise 
(3) 07 Sep 02     -     Al French
(4) ?
18 Nov 1999- "Getting to know you" from The King and I. Veronica 2000-01-13 Arlene
20 Nov 1999- My sister and all the cousins are putting together an anthology of all the deceased aunties.  They recalled a lullaby with the words "lula lula by". I am sure from a very old Paul Robeson recording of a spiritual called, "Curly Headed Baby" Peter Stubbins  2000-06-10 - Carla Randle 
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29 Nov 1999- "OLD BLUE" (children's song) Ai Ee 2000-07-09 Hollie H. Loucks
29 Nov 1999- "L'Italiano" by Toto cotugno Milica 2000-03-08 Susan Savarise 
02 Dec 1999- Traditional Italian song sung at weddings, baptisms,holidays etc. I am not sure of the name. It's something like "Tarantella". The closest I could get to the lyrics - "oh Ma Ma Bah a Dah a Dah a dah. Oh Ma Ma cabish a Baccala" Frank 2000-03-07 Susan Savarise  
04 Dec 1999- (1)"Snow and Roses", (2)"Did you See the Black Rogue?" Jana Chapman

(1) 18 Feb 2005  Betty Dyson
(2) ?

05 Dec 1999- lyrics to a song that proceeds as follows: "I'll be walkin' on a moon shadow moon shadow moon shadow - a leapin' and a hoppin' on a moon shadow, moon shadow moon shadow  Terra

23 Oct 2002  Kate *

15 Dec 1999- "Only You" performed by the "Platters" Cyril Joe 16 Dec 1999Peter Cook
24 Dec 1999- I am doing a school project, we have to find initials to Christmas carol/songs first lines. for example; 
jttwtlhc= joy to the world the lord has come. 
I need these ones; wgabtlaw & tncoitfww 

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