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2000-01-03-"When the red red robin comes bob bob bobbin along"These are the words to a song from a play that my wife remembers. Can't remember the title. Chaim Zions 2000-01-06 Peter Cook
2000-01-03 - "7 Old Ladies" Denise Wasielewski  2000-01-06 Peter Cook
2000-01-15 - A song out in the 50's which I think  was called "Somebody Goofed". It said  when the statue of Venus was uncovered you could see her beauty and charm. Could someone tell me what happened to her arms.  And a few other things like the purchase of Statin Island for $25 dollars. I have been telling my kids about this song and I would like to get all the words to it. Gene Prevost
(Her e-address is not valid now. 
If you know her, pls
contact me).
06 Mar 2003 - Scotty G
2000-01-18- "I'm Burlington Bertie"- With Her Head Tucked Neatly Underneath Her Arm - The Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo... Ian McKinnon -Canada 2000-06-08 Carla 
2000-02-05- My momma has asked me to find a song that starts or has a line..."Moon shines tonight on Little Redwing"  do you know anything about this tune?  It seems to be important to her.  And of course she thinks that I can find anything on the internet! Sylvinita Mooring 2000-03-24 WareKATYBEE
2000-02-11 - I'm looking for a children's song called "The Fat Little Policeman"  This came on a record with a book.  It is rather old but hey I thought I would ask.  Tim Randall

27 Dec 2002     -  Mike Blair
Title:- The Laughing Policeman

2000-03-09 - "Felicita" by Al Bano & Romina Powers Milica or
09 Jul 01     Stefano - Italy
2000-03-09 - English version of song # 134 Alouette Fordclub 2000-03-31 Jill
2000-03-09 - "Il tanto tempo se ne va" by A. Celentano Milica 09 Jul 2001     Stefano Birion
2000-03-15 - I am Searching for an Italian translation of "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" that fits the music. Anastasio Rossi
2000-03.16 - "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles" I know the chorus. Like to learn the verse.  Fred Barker 21 Dec 00     Peter Cook
2000-03-18 - "... looking for the song that contains these lyrics, as best as I can remember: "Forget your troubles, come on get happy, we're gonna chase all our cares away, 
Forget your troubles, come on get happy, we headed for the judgment day"             
Bobbi Dickinson 2000-04-27 SAKIGRANNY
2000-03-22 - (1)"Way down yonder on the indian nation", (2)"Old Cotton fields back home", (3) "Singin in the kitchen" (Bobby Bear) spell?,  (4)"Little Skunk Hole"(title?), (5)"The crawdad song", , (6) "Do Lord.." (Do Lord oh do Lord oh do you remember me? Look away beyond the blues..........)  Dory (1) Paul R. Stroud *  
(3) 26 Mar 2003  Sylvia Patterson *
(2) 17 May 01 Arlene *
(4) 2000-06-08 - Joan 
(5) 24 Feb 01 - Katy Malcolm * 
(6) 2000-04-03 - Jill
2000-03-24 - "Pepino The Italian Mouse" by Lou Monte Deevinemsb 2000-05-29Linda Brucci
2000-03-25 - Looking for 3 songs  that I  know some of the lyrics to. 
(1). there's an old mouse chewing on the pantry door.   He's been at it a month or more.  when he get's through he's sure gonna be sore. There ain't a darn thing in there. Life gets tedious dont it.    
(2). here comes the wife, the idol of my  life.  Singing roll a bowl a bowl a penny a pitch (could be British)   
(3). Yes we have no bananas. (I think this is the title)
(3) Peggy
15 Oct 2000     1.         david.knowles 
05 Sep 2000     2.      Grenda 
20 May 01       3.       Peggy Barry *
2000-03-26 - Italian lyrics of  la dona e mobile. Terry 16 Feb 01  -     Joe Brusa 
                    Hull, David
2000-03-31- I'm looking for "My little Naponee". Cho:"You are my pretty little Naponee.  Won't you take a chance and marry me. " My grandmother sang this to me, as it was sung to her. I'd appreciate any help you could give me.  She's gone, but I'd like for the song to live on.  Jill 01 Apr 01     - Robert Brannon
2000-04-09 - "Shall we dance" from The King and I. Arthur- the Isle of Man 2000-06-12 - Barb Z
2000-04-13 - "Sing me to sleep your hand in mine" I think that this is a german lullaby.  Probably from the 30s or before.  I'd like to know the name and artist for the sheet music. Patricia Weaver "Search"  for the words "Sing me to sleep", at

18 Jun 01   - R.J. Smith
2000-04-14 - Italian lyrics of "Ti Amo" by Umberto Tozzi. Chief 2000-07-01 - Dexter Gonzalez
2000-04-26 - the song's refrain: Che sara, che sara, che sara/ che sara della mia vita...  seems to be an older italian "oldie" Faust10132 13 Nov 00  Marlene Patricia Gracia Diaz
2000-04-26 - Do you know the lyrics that go with this snippet (ca.1954)? Close the doors, they're coming in the windows!  Close the doors, they're coming through the walls! Sam 15 May 01     - Peggy Barry 
2000-04-26 - Who sang "Lets call the whole thing off"  what movie is it from? Dorothy 2000-07-23     Nels in NYC
2000-04-26 -  song that goes,(1)"down by the old millstream (not the river but the stream) where I first met you, with your eyes so blue, dressed in gingham too." also, (2)"my gals a corker, she's a New Yorker i buy her everything to keep her in style, she's got a pair of eyes just like two dragonflies, hot dog thats where my money goes." and, (3) "your momma don't dance and your daddy don't rock and roll" And lastly,(4) "she took out her teeth, her big glass eye" this song is talking about a burglar breaking into her house. 
these songs are so hard to find I am ready to give up!!!!
Dory (1) 2000-07-23     Nels in NYC 
(2) 04 Nov 00  Doug Chadwick 


2000-04-26 - I remember singing this song when I was a little girl. I want to teach it to my daughter because I always liked it.  I can remember the first verse, and the third and the fourth, but not the second verse.  Hope you can help me.  It starts: "Reuben, Reuben I've been thinking what a grand world this would be if the men were all transported far beyond the northern sea." Susan Tirsway 2000-07-09 Hollie H. Loucks
2000-04-26- My husband would like the lyrics to an old song about the Titanic.  "It was sad, so sad when the great ship went down" and "husbands and wives, little children lost their lives" in part.  Any help would be appreciated. Susan Tirsway 
2000-06-06 Ernie Crawford
2000-04-26 - I don't remember where all the  spots are where "life gets teejus, don"t it come in but the lyrics are:  
 my shoes untied but I don't care.  I ain;t a fixin to go nowhere.  I'd have to wash and comb my hair and that just wasted effort. 
Gene 15 Oct 2000               david.knowles
2000-04-26 - A bit vulgar to some, I suppose, but as children we remember being sung a little ditty that went something like this...."Oh you dirty little bugger, does your mommy know you're out?  With your pants unbuttoned, and your belly sticking out....." It was sung, I believe to the tune of "Do your ears hang low, can you sway them to and fro?"  Gator
2000-04-27 - lyrics to a song that my mother knew. This is as close as I can remember:  
When you come to the end of a perfect day  ?  And you sit alone with your thoughts ? Near the end of a journey too   ? 
Ralph Stevenson (Part)24 Sep 00 - Sue Russell
2000-04-28 - Songs my Mother sang- (1)"Little Joe The Wrangler", (2)"Preacher And The Bear" and (3)"Big Chief Buffalo Nickle" T Allen 24 Feb 01     -  (1)   Katy Malcolm *
24 Feb 01     -  (2)   Katy Malcolm * 
22 Sep 01     -  (3)   Allan Cross
2000-04-29 - not sure of  title but I do know about half of the lyrics: 
I was born in London  - a place on the bum 
they wouldn't sell me no whiskey - they wouldn't sell me no rum - they locked me in the cooler - and what do you suppose I saw - the bed bugs and mosquitoes were - having a game of ball - the score was six to zero - and the bed bugs were ahead 
I learned this song from my grandfather who learned it in an orphanage in vermont.  Any information regarding  rest of the lyrics or title of the song would be greatly appreciated.
13 Jun 01     -     Leo May
(slightly different version)
2000-05-03 - "Love Me Tender",  "Blue Moon of Kentucky." Berlorhruska 16 Apr 01     -   Charlotte Brandt
2000-05-10 - Italian song sara perche ti amo by ricchi e poveri. Can't find anywhere. JellyBaby 13 Nov 00    Marlene Patricia Gracia Diaz
2000-05-18 - I am speaking on Father's Day to a large audience and am trying to find the lyrics to an old Mann and Weil song..."My Dad" sung by Paul Peterson on the Donna Reed Show MIke Paddy 16 Apr 01     -   Charlotte Brandt
2000-05-19 - I am looking for a song that starts off something like "Way down south in or by the cornfield....." That's all I know. Would appreciate the help. Brian
old barbershop quartet song, "Way Down Yonder in The Cornfield." - "Some folks say that a darkie won't steal.(way down, way down, way down yonder in the cornfield.)"
"But I caught one in my cornfield."(way down, way down, way down yonder in the cornfield."
 The above is the way I believe the song began.
24 Jul 01 - Gene
2000-05-28 -  I wonder if you have the English lyrics of  "Torna a Surriento". My father's 8oth birthday is June sixth and I am trying to find these lyrics for him. Catherine Tammaro 26 Oct 00-Italian & English lyrics Michael La Brooy
2000-05-29 - "Short'nin Bread"   I don't need the words especially, but I do need some historic data: the author, date when written, who recorded it, when, etc. David G. Haines 15 Jan 01 - John Collins
2000-05-29 - I'm looking for a song with: "Shut that gate don't let him in, he spent his life livin in sin." Fred Nelken
2000-06-01 - "The Old Lamplighter" Starts:  He made the night a little brighter, wherever he would go, the Old Lamplighter of long, long ago.. Barry White 20/08/2000       Russ Clinton 
2000-06-02 - I don't know the title. I only know this one line... my Mom always sang it to me when I was a little girl in the 50's and early 60's.  
"I love you a bushel and a peck, a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck."
Frank Ray 2000-07-23     Nels in NYC
2000-06-06 - "West of West Virginia." I remember some of them. 
I wanna go back  to West Virginia. - I wanna go back to my home sweet home. 
Where the friends I knew were so kind and true - Take me back to west Virginia.
Ernie Crawford
2000-06-06 -  a child's song called "Jelly in my Belly".  Would you happen to know where I can find that?  Ret2Rita 07 Sep 00    smbast
2000-06-07 - There was a popular movie (name escapes me) something similar to Sound of Music.  Song was about Copenhagen.  Remember that it contained the chorus "Wonderful, Wonderful, Copenhagen..."  Joe W. 2000-07-23     Nels in NYC
2000-06-07 - lyrics for the song that goes like "Show me the way to go home I'm tired and I want to go to bed, I had a little drink about an hour ago and it went right to my head..... Paulpell 05/09/00        Grenda 
03 Dec 00  Alternative version - Doug Chadwick
2000-06-08 -  Italian lyrics to the Lou Monte's favorite songs album.  I would like to find the written Italian words to this whole album if possible please help me find them!! Linda Brucci
2000-06-09 - "Louie, Louie" Carol Foro 24 Oct 00     Peter Cook
2000-06-10 - "Daddy's Little Girl"  Rachael  - Texas 2000-06-16    Russ Clinton
2000-06-16 - "Singing in the rain" , "Bugle boy of company B"  Mary Robinson 20 Mar 01     - Katy Malcolm *
2000-06-16 - looking for words to 3 Victorian or Edwardian songs  sung to me as a child by my mother.  She learned them from her father and I can still hear him singing them.  The titles or first lines go:  
(1)  Look, my kite is flying high! (2)  Two little playmates by the shore. (3)  Granny only left you her old armchair.
Dan Krepp (1) ? 
(2) 10 May 02     - Hyden 
(3) 20 Mar  01     - Katy Malcolm *
2000-06-26 - "It's a Small World" MeJoanie 20/08/2000       Russ Clinton
2000-06-27 - Italian love song. ...about a girl & a young man who's in love.  He leaves his hometown to go to college.  girl promises to write and never writes.  Later, boy comes back home to find the girl died.  He goes to visit the grave and begs her to come out of the ground or he will join her.-  Terri
2000-06-28 - "Bye bye blackbird" tj hunt 18 Jul 00        Jill
2000-07-01- "O Sole Mio" in Italian Lee Sonne 18 Jul 00        Jill
2000-07-03 - about another Italian song.....I'm not sure of the name but I believe the translation of the title is "I married you because".....I was hoping you could  help me out with the title and the lyrics to this song. Chief2099
2000-07-04 - Please would anyone know the words of an Irish song, I think, called Mountains of Morn. Hope you can help me.  Sandra, Australia 14 Nov 00     Caius Pride
2000-07-06 - ... lyrics of a drinking not know the title. I thought  perhaps you could help me. Song is about Abdul Abubul Amir & Ivan Skavinski Skavar.  Mark Younes 
30 Oct 00       Joe Gorman  
2000-07-08 - My mother sang me a song when I was young & this is what I can remember of it.  "Dressed up in a gown, the trails on the floor, wearing a picturesque hat, that your mommy wore," (can't remember a few lines) then, "My little lady make believe"  Also something about gloves & shoes & two tiny feet, there are several verses. I would be very grateful if someone knows them. Toni 18 Apr 2003     -     Sylvia Patterson *
2000-07-09 - I Love You Truly,  Sweet Sue,   Stardust DBudge6909 2000-07-18 Jill  
2000-07-14 -  not sure of the title - probably called "Maggie" -sounds like and old tune, maybe Irish (not the Rod Stewart one) Gypsy54321 17 May 01     - Peggy Barry 
2000-07-15 - 1"You may not be an Angel." 2 "I don't know why." 3 "Louise." I now play the piano in three homes for elderly (every week). Alfred P. Galli 20/08/2000       Russ Clinton
2000-07-15- "Perdere L'amore". It is an Italian song Cissie Bryant 20 Mar 01     - Katy Malcolm *
2000-07-15 - "Tu Vuo' Fa L'Americano"   (Italian preferably-English will suffice.) Popular "American" version of this song found on the soundtrack for The Talented Mr. Ripley. (performed at the time by Fiorello and the Guy Barker International Quintet) Carrie Salas 
03/09/00 - Lindsay Moore 
08 Jan 01     pwcheatham
2000-07-19-   I used to listen to this song when  I was quite young. Now all I have are some snatches of the song in my head.  
(1). Ever and ever, for ever and ever,  Singer is male, has a deep, rich voice. (2) this song that Debbie Reynolds sings in movie 'How The West Was Won'.  Tune is same as Greensleeves, but lyrics different. Begins somewhat like: 'Away, away, come away with me  
Aamer - India 
(1) 19 Aug 02     - Farzad Shafiey  
(2) 18  Jul  01    - Charmayne (Dobbs Family)
2000-07-21 -  my grandma passed away & the last thing she wrote was this song.. in her letter she said  it was a song she learnt as a child. and that the great grand daughter was she thought to be just grand daughter . and that she did not know if her memory was right or if she got all of the song. she also did not know the title. she wrote this for my two girls and we would love to have the name and words to this song. here it is. two tiny turned up noses, two little cheeks just like a rose. so sweet  from head to toe. those little great grand daughters of mine.  jamie kingsolver 16 May 01     - Peggy Barry 
Title:- That little boy of mine.
2000-07-21 - Italian  lyrics of (1)"Come Prima" and (2)"Il Cielo In Una Stanza"and Richard Marx' like (3)Angel Lullaby and  (4)Thanks to You Connie - Indonesia  (1 )? 
(2) 20 Mar 01     - Katy Malcolm * 
(3) 20 Mar 01     - Katy Malcolm * 
(4)20 Mar 01     - Katy Malcolm *
2000-07-25 - I'm ugently looking for the lyrics to: "Pal of my cradle days" by Ann Brean.  Please help Darren 26 Mar 2003      -   Sylvia Patterson *
2000-07-31- "the belle of belfast city." Maggie 21 Dec 00        Doug Chadwick *
2000-08-04 - ... that old song "MR SANDMAN". You know the one that goes; Mr sandman bring me a dream. Make her the cutiest that I've ever seen ...  If you do know, I desparately need the words for my school recital, thank-you. Miss Miller 20/08/2000       Russ Clinton
2000-08-08 - "the bells are ringing for me and my girl" GUNNY 20/08/2000       Russ Clinton
2000-08-11 - I don't know the name, goes something like:  come all my young companions and listen to my tale.  I know it is a very old song yertag 11 May 01     - Arlene *
2000-08-11 - a song with the words (1) "by that tree in the medowe, my thoughts always lie, where carved upon that tree i see, I,ll love you till I die"  (2) "The Gods Were Angry with me for loving you" David A. Klinger (1) 
2000-08-13 - (1)"The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo" (old British Music Hall (Variety) song - also Beatles (2)"Something." Ron Garland (1)  
(2) Karaoke Beatles has the lyrics / a MIDI  
backing track at 
somethin.htm 03 Dec 00 - Doug Chadwick *
14/08/00 - We were Sailing Along on Moonlight Bay. Joylene 20/08/2000       Russ Clinton
21/08/00 - My husband is looking for the entire song that has the lyrics "Cornbread and honeybutter, makes me what I am.  I eat it every morn'n I eat it every night.." I like to know the whole song. Richard Leach
26/08/00 - "you had to be there" and "where's the love" from Laura Fygi's Watch what happens.  ShadowGalaxia
26/08/00 -(1)"Wait for the wagon" and (2)"Little Orphan Annie came to our house today".  Poetlady (1)  20 Mar 01     - Katy Malcolm * 
(2)  19 May 01     - Arlene * 
28/08/00 -part of the song is I Smoked My First Cigarette Out Behind The Barn. Terry 18 Jan 01- Paul R. Stroud
28/08/00 - My father sang a song called "September Song" I believe.  Probably from the 1930's. HHRealty 27 Oct 00 -              Susan 
04 Nov 00 - Nat King Cole  '50s, Willy Nelson  
'80s. - Joe Gorman
30/08/00 - My mother thinks the title may be "My Hero"... One verse is "Come, Come,  I love you only, My heart is true.  Come, come Hug me and Kiss me, ..." It may be from a play or an opera.  An OLD song jerseydeal 04 Sep 00      - Mary
02/09/00 - The title is "The Thing". ...starts with As I was walking on the beach one day... I came upon a great big box a lying in the bay... T.J. Kellner 04 May 01    - Doug Chadwick *
03/09/00 - (1) "I'm Gettin' Ready For My Mother-In-Law."   Some of the words are...".I built a little room for her without one window pane.  Turned on the heat and fixed it so it won't turn off again."   and    " looked just like a cell.  And when she goes to bed at night; she'll think she is in ............ 
(2) "Sundown"  sung to the tune of Danny Boy.  I think some of the words go like this.....".There is a glen that lies beneath the hillcrest.  That looks across the valley and the town.  And there the lights forever shine, the softest in the west, and longest waits before the sun goes down."
Beth P.

(1) 03 Sep 2004 - DALE E. HERRICK

03/09/00 - Old Joe Clark or possibly Ole Joe Clark suemagee 20 Mar 01     - Katy Malcolm *
06 Sep 00 - (1) "Pink Cadillac" (2) "Tumble Weed" (3)"Old Paint Horse"(4) "Paint Your Wagon"(5) "Make All Your Dreams Come True"(6) "Build on Your Dreams" Linda

(1) 21 Mar 01     - Katy Malcolm * 
(2) 21 Mar 01     - Katy Malcolm *   
(3)- ?
(4) 20 May 01     - Peggy Barry *
(5) - (6) - ?

06 Sep 00 -Humorous song "I'm my own grandpa" lrlizotte 20 Dec 00 Doug Chadwick *
11 Sep 00 - "Old Dog Tray" Eddo711 16 Mar 01     - Terence Lapin
13 Sep 00 - English lyrics -"Star of Mykonos"- Katja Ebstein (early 70's) Margo, Kitimat
14 Sep 00 -  my father-in-law used to always sing "I can't see your face, can't go anyplace, people stop and stare....". I would really love to be able to share with him the rest of the words to the song. Ginny 02 Nov 00     Peter Cook
15 Sep 00 - My Father sang this song to me when I was little.  His 90th birthday is coming up soon and I would like the lyrics for it.  We don't know the title, only these lines and they may be misquoted. Help!!  
The Shadow of the bannister    -   The shadow of the night   -   The shadow of the child that went to bed  
All the crooked shadows  
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp   -   With the black night overhead 
19 Sep 00 - "You Will Never Grow Old" You will never grow old while there's love in your heart..."That's all I know - please send me the rest. Ganesh and Louise Part - 06 May 01 - Ross
02 Oct  02 - A. Liew
21 Sep 00 - I am looking for a song that goes something like this 
"Daddy's gonna buy you a mockingbird, If that mockingbird don't sing Daddy's gonna buy you a diamond ring, if the ring dont shine daddy's gonna..."
eredmond 20 Sep 00 - Jill
21 Sep 00 - I know most of the lyrics:  "East side, west side, all around the town,  The _________, London Bridge is falling down,  
Boys and girls together   -   Me and Mamie O'Rourke 
Trip the light fantastic on the sidewalks of New York."  
There's just that one small "hole". Help!
City Attorney 20 Sep 00 -  "The kids play Ring around  
     Rosie" - Jill 
25 Sep 00 -   The tot  sang "Ring-a- 
     Rosie," - Peter Cook
22 Sep 00 -  heard  the song "Does your chewing gum loose it's flavor on the bedpost after night?" If so please send me the words. Jody M Hutcheson 24 Oct 00     Peter Cook  
04 Nov 00 - Audio at 
demento/donegan.lonnie - Susan
22 Sep 00 - Need complete lyrics to the Stephen Foster song "Slumber My Darling"  Dwight 27 Sep 01     - Allan Cross
26 Sep 00 - "STUPID CUPID MiSwAni 27 Oct 00 - Susan 
10 Oct 00- Looking for the lyrics and reference for songs by Bernard Cribbens in the UK. One song is something like "Hole in the Ground" about someone criticizing a worker digging a hole and in the end the only thing left of the critic is his hat sitting  on the ground. Moon Joyce 
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
04 Nov 00 -Hole in the Ground)  
                    Right Said Fred      )Doug Chadwick *
25 Oct 00 - \"Here Comes The Queen\", performed by a band named Rockefeller in the 70\'s.  Christoph Scholz  
26 Oct 00 - Can I Sleep in Your Barn Tonight Mister Maryellen Denton 25 Feb 01     -     PAUL R. STROUD
29 Oct 00 - "eh marie" by lou monte Mary Ann fialkwoski 14 Jul 02       -    Ladymaler
29 Oct 00 -looking for words to a song.  not sure of  title.  think it is "Toy Land" or something from the March of the Tin Soldiers. goes like Toy Land  -  Toy Land - Wonderful world of Joy land   
While your lost within it you are ever happy there-  
Diane 16 Nov 00 - Jill
07 Nov 00 - The Italian words of Darktown Strutters Ball  Frank Coditoli
16 Nov 00 - Hi, Looking for words of Hearts of Oak. We often have sing song around the piano, but have to la la it when it gets beyond, 'So cheer up me lads it's to glory we steer'! Can you help? Jane 
03 Dec 00 - Doug Chadwick *
16 Nov 00 - looking for lyrics containing the following words; The Man in the moon is a lady, a lady with lipstick & curls... the cow that jumped over cried jumping jehovah...I think its just one of the girls... Ladie_Jas 23 Oct 2002  Kate *
22 Nov 00 - Please can you send me the lyrics of Rose Marie - Pal of my cradle grave.  I desperatley need them for a funeral on Friday 24th and have searched for hours.  Emma 
29 Nov 00 - lyrics to a song that my little brother sang in day 
school  (35 years ago!!! ). Title was "The Cactus Christmas Tree".  I know some of the lyrics but not all of them.  It is a great song for kids
R.S. Badger 
Auburn University
03 Dec 00 - Lullaby that my mother sang to us as children.  I have recently lost my mother to cancer and so much want to find the exact words to the song.  I have no idea what the title is and was wondering if you might be able to help me with your knowledge of old songs. 
some of the words:   Sail baby sail, out across the blue....(baby's boat is a silver moon...sailing out to sea...don't forget to sail back home again to me... I am not sure of what order the words are I just know those words are in the song.  Any help would be appreciated.  I have a new grandbaby on the way and would love the words.
Cindy 21 Mar 01     - Katy Malcolm * 

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