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01 Jan 2001- My grandma had a humorous song on a 78 record that I ruined as a child.  It was perhaps titled "But Honey Are You Making Any Money?" Part of the lyrics ran:  It's a cinch in a pinch you could make -  breakfast, even make the bed,  
Thanks for any info re the rest of the lyrics or the singer/songwriter.
Elaine Kennedy 20 Feb 01     - Seán
02 Jan 2001- "Pilgrims in the Night".  I sang this song many years ago and can not find a copy anywhere. Paul Kasper
17 Jan 01 - "back to my roots" Richie Havens version Andy 21 Oct 01     - Allan Cross
01 Feb 01 - "A shanty in old shanty town" - is there a place I might find the song..I really would like to hear it!  have any idea who sings it?? 
 Are there any sites that I can go to hear, or even purchase the song?
Susan Thomas 03 Feb 01- Doug Chadwick * 
02 Feb 01- 1) complete words to a song from a musical (or musical movie?) from the 40's? 50's? in the US called "House of the Singing Bamboo" [or Swinging?].  words I remember: "You don't have to count sheep // that's for Little Bo'Peep//  You can sleep.....//  You can dream any dream and you know your dreams come true// in the house (in the house, in the house) of the singing bamboo."  2)  "I got me 10 fine toes to twinkle in the sand // Lots of idle fingers snap to my command//  ...  pass me by.   "It may be called "Pass me by" Lois 
Maine, U.S.A.

1)   ?
2) 09 Jun 2003     - Edward Alport 

03 Feb 01- Down In The Willow Gardens.. old song mother used to sing Texmimi 21 Mar 01     - Katy Malcolm *
03 Feb 01- Lyric for a 50s R&B song "big foot maid...rockin' & rollin'" Joe L. Hart
04 Feb 01- Looking for the English version of tu vuo fa l'americano  Dallas  12 Feb 01     - Kim 
12 Feb 01- "New York Girls"  by   Burl Ives J&S Kamitian 21 Mar 01     - Katy Malcolm *
25 Feb 01- Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Wizard of Oz) D. Mitchell 08 Mar 01     - Doug Chadwick *
25 Feb 01- "Golden earrings tmazurek 16 Mar 01     - Terence Lapin
27 Feb 01- "Michael Row The Boat Ashore" Ray 03 Mar 01     - Doug Chadwick *
27 Feb 01- (1) "My Happiness" (2)  "God Bless America" Alfredo Galli (1)20 May 01  - Peggy Barry * 
(2) 08 Mar 01  - Doug Chadwick *
27 Feb 01- (1) "Why don't you get a job" - The Offspring (2) "We are the champions" - Queen  (3) "Stayn' Alive" - Bee Gees Johnny 
-Brazil South 
26 Mar 01     - Katy Malcolm *
06 Mar 01-  nr. 236, "Beautiful dreamer". Not the original Stephen Foster lyrics, but the song as John Leyton sang it in the 60?ties, and as the Beatles sang it on BBC. Per Weber 
07 Mar 01- "Tu Vuo' Fa L'Americano"   Popular "American" version of this song found on the soundtrack for The Talented Mr. Ripley. (performed at the time by Fiorello and the Guy Barker Int'l Quintet) SC0403
10 Mar 01- Rolly Polly, eatin' corn and taters hungry every minute of the day.  By Bob Willis and the Texas Playboys I am trying to find the mp3 does anyone have it for download? Mitzi
10 Mar 01- 1936 song "Wah-Hoo"  or  "Wahoo" Glenn Winter 20 Sep 01     - Allan Cross
17 Mar 01- (1) If Music be the food of love (2) Echo  Travis L.
18 Mar 01- When You're Smiling Karen & Roger 21 Mar 01     - Doug Chadwick *
18 Mar 01- (1) The Bald-Faced Steer, an old cowboy song.  It begins, "Jake and Roney was a ridin' along, Jakey, he was a singin' what he called a song."  And it ends with "Jake, he hollderd so the world could hear, 'Stay back, NOTHING, there's a bear in here!"  
(2) The other is a crude Irish drinking song (I think) that made my dad laugh...  it's called Bugger Off
19 Mar 01- Go, you Chicken fat, Go Mike
23 Mar 01- Side By Side I want to get the lyrics for my daughter & husband---going through hard money times. The song sure helped my husband & I many years ago. Apricot 25 Mar 01     - Doug Chadwick *
23 Mar 01- Memories from the stage show  Cats  by Weber?  If you do not have them could you tell me how I may get them? Bill Hastings 25 Mar 01     - Katy Malcolm *
26 Mar 01- Pepino the Italian Mouse in Italian. Teresa Solomon
31 Mar 01- Who wrote song #83 - This Old Man ? Chaley Elatrache
02 Apr 01- 78. ORCHESTRA SONG I remember the melody for the clarinet, the trumpets and the horn, but I can't hear the violin and bass drum melodies. I wonder whether you have a melody transcription. Julie Seykora
04 Apr 01- (1) Carolina in the morning (2) Won't you come home, Bill Bailey (3) Deep in the heart of Texas
Judy Glover
05 Apr 01     - Katy Malcolm *
04 Apr 01- Stormy Weather Bill Hastings 05 Apr 01     - Katy Malcolm *
07 Apr 01- Meet Me in St. Louis JKDOSS

20 Apr 01     - Katy Malcolm *

07 Apr 01- St. Louis Woman  It starts---St Louis Woman with all her diamond rings She's got that man of hers tied by her apron  strings---  That's about all I remember.  Bill Hastings

20 Apr 01     - Katy Malcolm *

08 Apr 01- Who's Sorry Now Maureen 16 Apr 01     - Charlotte
14 Apr 01-In yonder brooklet gleaming, appeared a playful trout.... Like some bright arrow gleaming, it darted in and out...Above I watched with pleasure, content to lie and look at such a silver treasure go swimming in the brook.
At last the angler, wily, as time went by, made that clear brooklet dim and roily, and then.....I gave a cry!    The rod and line were shaken; the trout, oh the trout was firmly caught and from the brooklet taken, quite shamefully, I thought
I would like to have the rest of the song.


16 Apr 01- I have been searching for months for a song originally existing on a 45rpm (possibly also an LP). My sister owned the 45rpm but recently tossed all her collection into the dump!!! (don't ask why!) The song was called: "Close the Door, They're Coming in the Window(s)". Kind of a humorous, novelty top 40 song. Not sure if it made top 10. Year = 1957-1959 approx
Ed Ovett

15 May 01     - Peggy Barry 

17 Apr 01- "You Made Me Love You" (I didn't want to do it) recorder by numerous artists, Al Jolson to Judy Garland? DZ

20 Apr 01     - Katy Malcolm *

19 Apr 01- I have an older man, like a grandfather to me. He cannot remember words to an old song he liked.  He said it had words "you are my necessity" and "you're the lace in my shoes". I would appreciate it if you had any info.   Donna Russell

27 Apr 01     - Doug Chadwick *

19 Apr 01- I would like to find the words and music to the song: Ireland, Mother Ireland.  This song was sung by John McCormack, Louis Browne, Anthony Kearns, etc.,  John Beauclair

20 Apr 01     - Katy Malcolm *

19 Apr 01- I need the lyrics for two French songs: (1) La vie en rose (2) vive la rose Velma

(1) - 23 Apr 01     - Katy Malcolm *
(2)  ?

19 Apr 01- Song number 152 - TiritombaI would like to know about the origin and history of where and how the song started. Jan Britz


22 Apr 01- Looking for a country type song called "Those Good Old Butter Beans" Like to find music and lyrics.  Paul Kasper
09 Sep 02     -    Mish
22 Apr 01- Do you know anything about a religious choir song with solo called "Pilgrims in the Night"? Paul Kasper


24 Apr 01- .. trying to find lyrics to a song my Grandfather used to sing. I think the name is "Say Hello" but I am not sure.  All I can remember of it is  "if a stranger you should meet........step right up and say hello!......... the chorus starts out...say hello! say hello!   Lorna Knight


25 Apr 01- (1) "This old sow had nine little pigs" (2)"If you were the last boy in the world" Dedee

(1) 26 Mar 2003     - Silvia Patterson *
(2) 04 Aug 01        - Hattye Hall

26 Apr 01- Would appreciate receiving lyrics to a song I think is "Shuffle Off To Buffalo". I know that those are words that are in it. ..probably written in the 30's because as a child I tap-danced to it. Arlene

26 Apr 01     - Katy Malcolm *

27 Apr 01 - "At McCarthy's Party" I know the tune for the chorus, I don't know the tune for the verse - so if anyone could help me out .......? Doug Chadwick


29 Apr 01 - I am 78years old a veteran of ww2 . I cannot sing a single note but I love to listen to music. I often hear oldies from the 30s and 40s.  I just like to follow the singer by saying the words as they sing them. Could you find the words to "Where are the Clowns" or "Bring in the clowns" I don't know which is the correct name. Bill Hastings

"Send In The Clowns"
02 May 01     - Katy Malcolm *
Arlene *
Doug Chadwick *

30 Apr 01 - "I Found A Peach In Orange New Jersey.  Jeannie


30 Apr 01 - "Come Prima",  Italian song sung by Mario Lanza in Italian and English. Connie Francis also sang the Italian version. By the way, do you know where I could find lyrics of old Latin songs such as Quizas -  Quizas -  Quizas, Quireme Mucho etc. Reimy

Quizas /// -at
18 Jun 01     - Peggy Barry *

01 May 01 - My niece, living in Germany, asked me if I had the lyrics to a song she would like to be sung at her daughter's wedding in two months.  Title something like :  "Jeaninne I dream of lilac time" Alfredo Galli - U.S.A.
02 May 01     - Katy Malcolm *

03 May 01 - "I Know I'm A Hobo But Who Said I Was A Bum?" John Downey

02 Jun 01     - Arlene * 

04 May 01 - title, words and writer of the following: zippadeedoda  zippadeeday my oh my what a wonderful day. mister blue bird on my shoulder......   going my way TUCKERHOMESTEAD

09 May 01     - Katy Malcolm *
             - Doug Chadwick * -
A MIDI version can be heard

08 May 01 - "Peace In The Valley" Chorus:  There will be peace in the valley for me some day.  There will be peace in the valley for me, oh Lord I pray. There will be no sadness no sorrow no trouble I see.  There will be peace in the valley for me. Donna Dickens

09 May 01     - Katy Malcolm *
                        - Arlene *

10 May 01 - Italian words to "Toselli's Serenade". I do  have the English words. Can't seem to find the Italian. Gino Pellegrini


13 May 01 - "the Merry Widow Waltz" Jdwoods

14 May 01     - Katy Malcolm *

17 May 01 - I'd like to know the lyrics for an English comedy song from the1960's called "My Brother" by Terry Scott. John

18 May 01     - Katy Malcolm *
                        - Doug Chadwick *

17 May 01 - Sorry to bother you again, but my mom needs another song. Moonlight and Roses and I believe it is by Ben Black from 1925.  Brenda Coote

18 May 01     - Peggy Barry *
19 May 01     - Arlene * 

18 May 01 - lyrics to the song that has the states of the USA in it. Example: "What did Delaware boy? What did Delaware? she wore a brand New Jersey, that's what she did wear." "What did Missis sip, boy? What did Missis sip. She sipped a Minnasota (minna soda), that's what she did sip." I know the tune, just not all the words. If you could help, and if the words are appropriate for children, we want to use it for school lesson plan on states. William Fulmele

19 May 01     - Katy Malcolm *

23 May 01 - (1). Je t'aime - Lara Fabian  (2). Friday I am in love - The Cure (3). Love - Petra  (4). New years day - U2 (5). Comfortably numb - Pink Floyd

24 May 01     - Katy Malcolm *

23 May 01 - Can I have the words to London Bridge is falling down (my 1½ yr old) believe it or not keeps holding my hand wanting me to sing that song!  (I forgot the words). Mom, Patty Gur

18 May 01     - Peggy Barry *
                       - Katy Malcolm *

25 May 01 - "Grandpa, tell me 'bout the Good Old Days"   Leann 

27 May 01     - Katy Malcolm *

26 May 01 - Down at the old Bull and Bush Judith

28 May 01     - Peggy Barry *
"The Ballad Of Billy McCaw" -
Katy Malcolm *

27 May 01 - could you please provide me with the lyrics and the song writer. "sad sad you know where i am come around the door's open wide come on inside
you need a shoulder...........all alone and blue how do you  do are you glad to be free or being lonely just like me.

28 May 01     - Katy Malcolm *
Title:- Sam

27 May 01 - I have for many years been trying to remember who sang the hit version  (in the '50's?) of Yellow Bird (no. 61 in your Song Index).  Charlie Griffin

?"Yellow Bird" may have been sung by Harry Belafonte (1950's).  Can't be positive, but I saw him in concert once, and he sang this song.-    Peggy Barry *

29 May 01 - Begin the Beguine Bill Hastings

30 May 01     - Peggy Barry *, Katy Malcolm *& Arlene *

30 May 01 -  I'm looking for words to Abba Dabba Dabba.......Starts off,  Way down in the Congo land.... My grandson (3) loves me to sing him this song  but I don't know all the words......... Murray Evans

01 Jun 01     - Katy Malcolm *

06 Jun 01 -  old joe clark was a fine ol man washed his face in  a frying pan comed his hair with a wagon wheel  and died with a toothache in his heel. shirley A workman

08 Jun 01     - Old Joe Clark       -     Peggy Barry *
08 Jun 01    - Old Dan Tucker (has the exact words)
                                        -    Katy Malcolm *

07 Jun 01 -"daddy's going to buy me a mocking bird shirley A workman

08 Jun 01    - Mocking Bird    -    Katy Malcolm *
                      - Hush Little Baby-     Peggy Barry *

11 Jun 01 - Ace in the Hole...I've been trying to find the words & music to this song. It was one of my father's
favorite group singing songs. I believe it was written
during the 30's or 40's. Any help would be appreciated
Leo May

12 Jun 01     - Peggy Barry *     )   Three
                     - Arlene *                )   different
Katy Malcolm *    )   versions

12 Jun 01 - "Six Tall Slim Slick Sycamore Trees"  I work at a nursing home and one of our residents says it  is a song she used to love.... She really wants the words to it. She thinks it was popular in the 40's but cannot remember who the artist was Jorel


12 Jun 01 - "If You Knew Suzie" by Eddie Cantor Lynn

15 Jun 01     - Peggy Barry *, Katy Malcolm *
Doug Chadwick *
& Arlene *

15 Jun 01- "Charlie My Boy" or "Charlie Me Boy" is the title, I think, or at least that is a lyric. Help! Tracee Dyell

22 Oct 02     - Al French *
Title:- Charley my boy
Al has the music if anyone needs it.

17 Jun 01- What is the song that has 'cheer up my brother, live in the sunshine we'll understand it, all by and by' ? poole.jeanette

It is from the gospel song: "Farther Along"
25 Jul 01 - Gene
04 Aug 01 - Hattye Hall  (Partial lyrics)

18 Jun 01- "You Can't Be True Dear"? It is a German drinking song, however I THINK it was written and published by an American. Stockard

19 Jul 01 (One verse)  - Leo C. May

18 Jun 01- "I'll walk beside you", an Irish numer sung by John McCormack and others. I am not able to find the lyrics anywhere. Please Help!!! N Shea

02 Aug 01     - Peggy Barry *

04 Jul 01- I am looking for the lyrics to two songs, can you help? (1) Oh! Canada - the Canadian national anthem, but in FRENCH, and (2) La Coucaracha! Nadya

  08 Aug 01     - Katy Malcolm *

04 Jul 01- ... a song used for years on Ft. Wayne, Indiana, radio station WOWO, called "Little Red Barn" sung by Nancy Lee & the Hilltoppers. Bugs Bunny sings it on an old cartoon too. "In a little red barn, on a farm down in Indiana, let me lay my back on a stack of new-mown hay, hey, hey." Jolene Ketzenberger

09 Aug 01     - Arlene

04 Jul 01- heard a song earlier this year, a friend down loaded it from internet, it was from a site of unheard of artist, (male), slow travis / sterophonics type of song with lyrics 'without you I can't sail away'  but absolutely no idea where to begin to look on the net to find it. Kate


06 Jul 01- There is a song I used to know as a child around 1969.  It was a haunting melody and although I remember most of the words some of them escape my memory.  The Song as I remember it goes: There's a web like a spider's web - Made of silver lines and shadows Spun by the moon in my room at night. It's a web made to catch a dream hold it tight till I awaken As if to tell me the dreamin's alright Lenie Dyment

02 Aug 01     - Katy Malcolm *

06 Jul 01- Does anyone know of an old British Music Hall song, sung by a woman in love with a doctor but he is only interested in her as a patient.  The song is full of medical terms and would be good for a hospital show. Pat

28 Oct 01     - Allan Cross

06 Jul 01- "knoxville girl" and "In the Pines" Nyoka Smith

08 Aug 01     - Katy Malcolm *

08 Jul 01- "God Bless America" The traditional words are easy to find, but the verse that was sung by Kate Smith when it was first recorded by her is not.  I have her newer release and it does not include the original verse. Kay

27 Jun 02     -     Al French * 

08 Jul 01- "Misdemeanor" by Foster Sylver? Sanorra77


10 Jul 01- ...lyrics to a song that goes... Two little playmates, a boy and a girl,  were playing one day on the sand, they built them a house of pretty sea shells no tools but their little, white hands... Don't know the rest. My Mama, who died a number of years ago, used to sing this to me. Deborah Carmichael

10 May 02     - Hyden
Title: Two little playmates
08 Jun 05       -
David Becnel New Orleans
Title: Kiss and Let's Make Up

11 Jul 01- Dean Martin's song "That's Amore" spbrown

08 Aug 01     - Katy Malcolm *
                         - Arlene *

13 Jul 01- "If I never get to heaven I'll blame you". one of Dinah Washington's old songs? Ken Stiles


13 Jul 01- "Mamma Maria" from Ricchi e Poveri.  Dogan Ozgezgin       Turkey


18 Jul 01-...Irish Song.  Some of the words "The day the lady's donkey won the half mile race." Rhonda Hall

09 Aug 01     - Katy Malcolm *
                         Doug Chadwick *

18 Jul 01- Carino Cegueda

09 Aug 01     - Katy Malcolm *

20 Jul 01- (1) Linden Lea Which starts with the line "within the woodland flowery gladed by the  oak trees mossy moot, the shining grass  blades timber shaded now do quiver  underfoot" (2) and a very old one that my mum used to  sing about a Naughty Little Boy that started  with "There was a naughty little boy as naughty  as could be who used to tease and vex his  mam and spill his daily tea" Elaine

(1) - 27 Jun 2003     -     Harald Roebig

23 Jul 01- calypso song, "Matilda".  I believe Harry Belafonty sang  it. Jim Blinkhorn

01 May 02     -     Peggy Barry *

23 Jul 01- Old novalty song with the words :stick our your can here comes the garbage man"" CBH-DVM


24 Jul 01- ... an old song called "We'll meet again." it is is probably from the 30's or 40's. Tim Falk

24 Aug 01     -     Peggy Barry *

24 Jul 01- ... title and the singer(s) of  a song which says in part : " The house we shared up on the hill ,seems lifeless but  it's  standing still  and memories of my childhood  fill , my mind, oh  mammy, mammy, mammy.   I've been through all  the walks of life , seen tired  days and lonely nights  and now without you by  my side, i'm lost . How will I  survive? oh  mammy, oh mammy, mammy blue, oh mammy blue.  Klassic


27 Jul 01- A - you're Adorable B - you're so Beautiful etc Barb

24 Aug 01     -     Peggy Barry *

27 Jul 01- Natalie Wood played in the movie "Gypsy",  she sang Let Me Entertain You I cannot find the lyrics any place and wondered  if by some chance you would have them Marilyn

26 May 02     -     Peggy Barry *

27 Jul 01- I NEED TO KNOW THE TITLE, ARTIST, AND WORDS TO A SONG. ALL I KNOW IS "WHEN I DREAM, I DREAM OF YOU. MAYBE SOMEDAY IT WILL COME TRUE. IT IS A OLDER SONG, NOT QUITE SURE HOW OLD. Audra gives the background to and lyrics for Carol Kidd's song, used in the movie "Swiri".
13 Aug 01     -     Doug Chadwick (sent web site)
14 Aug 01     -     Donovan   (who sent Lyrics)
28 Jul 01- ... song called "If I Had My Way" Unfortunatly I dont know the artist's name, however I think the song is from the 40's. lipstickdiamonds

24 Aug 01     -     Peggy Barry *

29 Jul 01- Ti Sposero' Perche'    and    Una Spina e Una Rosa Lioness191


31 Jul 01- "Four In the Morning".  An old country song.
Brenda Coote

01 May 02     -     Peggy Barry *

31 Jul 01- My grandma used to sing a tearjerker with the first lyrics starting, The old courthouse was crowded... It's an old song  Mary


02 Aug 01- a song called..."He's got a fine brown frame"...sung by a coloured woman probably in the 1940s-1960s. Chiefey


02 Aug 01- "How can you be Daylight and darkness, at the same time?" By Smokey Robinson, I think Tricia Peat


04 Aug 01- i dont know the title, just a few words in it ,can u help me it goes like this "my little georgia peach meet me down bye the beach  with a red dress on." Buffalosmoke1

27 Apr 02     - Katy Malcolm *

09 Aug 01- "Do you believe this town?" - Dean Martin John Rose


13 Aug 01- lyrics &  music for an old song called "Boy of mine", traditionally played at weddings when  mother of the groom and the groom dance together. Mary Ann D.

27 Apr 02     - Katy Malcolm *

14 Aug 01- Name of the song that contains, "It's a merry life, falikuli, falikula".  Don't have correct spelling of the last two words. Veleka

19 May 02     -     Peggy Barry *

16 Aug 01-  words or sheet music to an old song  that goes "Mother... M is for ....... O is for......" ??? Judie Germeyer

17 Apr 02     -     Al French * 

20 Aug 01- Hi Carlo, it's me again. Do you by any chance know who wrote the famous English lyrics of the Filipino song "Anak"? Did Paul Anka write it? I only know the original composer in Tagalog language was written by Freddie Aguilar. Hope you can help. It was around the early 70's. Kristine


20 Aug 01- Words to an old Children's song. I believe it's called "School Days" as the few lines I remember are: "school days, schools days, dear old golden rule days. Reading and writing and arithmetic, taught to the tune of the teacher's stick". that's all I know can you help? Elena

17 Apr 02     -     Al French * 

21 Aug 01- ..old song, maybe Irish, some of the words are "So you're going to leave the old home Jim, you're going amongst the city folks to dwell".  It's about a guy who leaves home and his mother is always praying for his return.  Years later he returns home as an hobo and mother is now old and gray. Barb Kelly

05 Jun 2006  - Brenda Gavin-Harding

30 Aug 01- Hi, I am looking for the words and hopefully the music to two songs: (1) Uncle Billy's Dog Fight  (2) If The Wind Had Only Blown the Other Way. Way back in the early 1900s, they were on rolls for player pianos. Kay


05 Sep 01- .. full song lyrics to "The sun has got his hat on"?  I am desperate to find them as I need them for a Brownies and Guides show. If you have not got them, can you recommend another website? Teresa Ryder

27 Apr 02     - Katy Malcolm *
Doug Chadwick *

05 Sep 01- .. Disney's  B'day I purchased  in 1988.  It's a variety of kids songs including Mickey, Goofy, and Minnie.  Some of the songs were, Happy Birthday, celebration, The Grand ole Flag.  Happy b'day song was celebration Disney's B'day.  Lyric to that song is  "Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy, Happy  Birthday to you. There's a party, party to day. That's all I remember.  It has all of the Disney's characters singing in
it.   If you can find it I will be very happy.
Kathleen Elam

12 Feb 2003   - Ian Richardson 

20 Sep 01- ..  a song that has the lyrics: "They (angels) are holding up the ladder I am climbing on...I am climbing up the ladder and I'm going home..". At lease the song goes something like that. I can't remember it. I want to find the words  to sing it again.  Carol Baldridge

01 Jun 2005 - Kitty
Title: They're holding up the ladder

04 Oct 01- .. a song my grandfather sang to me as a child the name of this song is as far as I know "a daisy a day" Jennifer

27 Apr 02     - Katy Malcolm *

07 Oct 01- .. lyrics to "Paperboys Ditty".    "Do the ditty if ya want to,cause then I can see ya if I want to". It's an old hip hop/rap. .. second verse ... If I was a vacuum, I'd be sucking up competition ........???  Any ideas of the lyrics or where to find them? Melissa Coleman


11 Oct 01- .. I'm not sure what category the song is .. and part of the lyrics are: "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift it's why they call it the present". Thanks ... if you can help .. I've near exhausted all possibilities. Beth Bunnett

27 Apr 02     - Katy Malcolm *
Title:- Turns out alright

14 Oct 01- ..Looking for the 2nd verse of Mr. Sun, starts out "oh mr. moon moon, mr silvery moon, please shine down on me"   I need this for singing to children in child care center.  thanks Sneezy146

27 Apr 02     - Katy Malcolm *

16 Oct 01- ..Hi I would like to see if you can send me lyrics to a song that I need.             Weak by SWV Carmona

27 Apr 02     - Katy Malcolm *

18 Oct 01- .. (1) first verse to "The little old Cathedral in the pine". Second verse start's:: "He grew up and joined the choir, where the organ played each day, and he met his heart's desire in a girl who knelt to pray. (early 1930's or sooner)
(2) words to::"Maple on the hill".  Start's out---"In a quiet country village stands a maple on the hill.  Where I sat with my
Geneva long ago. There  we used to sit and listen to the murmur of the rill" ???????? Ends::: "Will you always love me darling as you did that starry  night that we sat beneath the maple on the hill,"  (circa 1937)
Al French *

(2)       27 Apr 02     - Katy Malcolm *

20 Oct 01- .. Please inform me of the singer who sings "Dominick the Donkey".  I saw Riding in cars with Boys.   And this song is not listed on it's sound track. Irene


25 Oct 01- .. lyrics to the spiritual (1) "Pale Horse, Pale Rider" (2) "There's a long, long trail?" Gwendolyn Heasley

(2) 01 May 02     -     Peggy Barry *

26 Oct 01- .. a punk rock song that starts with, "last night i had a dream that we went to disney land we went on all the rides didn't have to wait in line." later on it says, 
"whitney don't you understand that what i say is true i just want you to know i have a major crush on you."

27 Apr 02     - Katy Malcolm *

31 Oct 01- ..Words to "Golden Earrings" Charlotte

27 Apr 02     - Katy Malcolm *

12 Nov 01- ..old song my grandfather would sing to me -"Have you ever seen a dream dancing, well I did". My husband remembers hearing it in an old horror movie but can't remember it. I can hum the tune but don't know all the words. WINTERSFERRET

12 May 02     -     Al French *

14 Dec 01- ... very old song I believe is called Daddy Dear.  I don't know who wrote it or sang it or the label. It is very important to me.  Please help. Here are a few of the words. "Daddy dear, tell me please, is the world really round? Tell me where is the bluebird of happiness found? Tell me why is the sky up above so all blue? And when you were a child, did your daddy tell..." Joe Pica

18 Jun 02     -     Peggy Barry *
Title:- Little Child

28 Dec 01- ..I did not see "The Battle of New Orleans" on you list. Would you happen to have the words to it? Steve B

17 Apr 02     -     Al French *

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