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24 Jan 02- ..lyrics with "I love you truly, truly dear"  don't know the name of song. Sounds like an old barber shop quartet song. MCBRYAR8

17 Apr 02     -     Al French *

26 Jan 02- .words to a spanish song that I heard some years ago. I remember the following (Naranga dulce. lemon perdido, dame un abrazo que yo  te pido. I do not recall the rest, Wiliam Hastings

27 Apr 02     - Katy Malcolm *

31 Jan 02- I remember as a kid? It goes something like     "Around the world in 80 days I traveled on"  Carol K 27 Apr 02     -     Doug Chadwick *
03 Feb 02- ..I would like to receive lyrics to the song "Amapola" Keybird2

27 Apr 02     - Katy Malcolm *

04 Feb 02- ..words to a song Peggy Lee made famous, "Why Don't You Do Right" Christine Rosholt

27 Apr 02     - Katy Malcolm *

11 Feb 02- .. from late 50's or early 60's called something like "Sweet Little Angeline". about a girl called Angeline on the village green meeting a prince. I remember it from my childhood and cannot find it anywhere. Christine

06 Jul 2003     - Frank Christie

21 Feb 02- .. "Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho. Brenda Cook

01 May 02     -     Al French *     Peggy Barry *

28 Feb 02- .. I have been looking for many years to the words of an old ditty that my grand father used to sing to us kids, back in the late 1930's. don't know if it was ever set to music or ever printed.  All I can remember is the line that goes, "Oh me brother Joke's... (that was the name my grandfather inserted here but may not have been the original name)...he sleeps aside o me, and every wintry morning he gets up at ha' past three."  Ken Yates


09 Mar 02- .. need words to doris day song "a guy is a guy" R3DHEAD19

27 Apr 02     - Katy Malcolm *

16 Mar 02- .. words to that awful old song, "Slap Her Down Again Pa"?  It was very popular during & right after WW 2. Kathryn Sharp

27 Apr 02     - Katy Malcolm *

25 Mar 02- .. lyrics to a funny Irish song where a hod carrier hoists a load to the top of the house and loses his footing, the load comes down and he goes up holding the end of the hoist rope. Can you help?? ROBOHILCO

01 May 02     -     Peggy Barry *

08 Apr 02-  "It`s been 14 days since I don`t know when i just saw her with my best friend do you know what i mean" "she`s a dandy she`s a dandy but now shes free.. " XxEmilyxX

25 Apr 02     - Katy Malcolm *

14 Apr 02- ..Back in 1947 My Sister used to sing the following lyrics: " One thing I want to know, want to know, If our loves the real thi--ng, where is my wedding ring?"  It has haunted me No one remembers name of the song or the rest of the lyrics. Charles Wasik


15 Apr 02- ..Could you please send me the words of a Billy Exstein song called "Baby Won't you Say  You Love Me" Rosepennys


23 Apr 02- ."When Your Old Wedding Ring Was New" E.W. Brown 

25 Apr 02     - Katy Malcolm *

26 Apr 02- songs & chords of: 1.  Tiny Bubbles 2.  Pearly shells BENNIE R. AMON

(1)  01 May 02     -     Al French *     Peggy Barry *
(2)  01 May 02     -     Al French *     Peggy Barry * 

28 Apr 02- "There's  potatoes in the oven and they're turning nice and brown" Would love to know  rest of this song Donna Crothers

08 Apr  03     -     Mark Miller

29 Apr 02- Lazy Mary Joe

12 Oct  02     -     Peggy Barry *

30 Apr 02-"Dance Ballerina Dance" I think  that is the name. Bill Hastings

03 May 02     -     Katy Malcolm *

30 Apr 02- I'm from Holland. ..arranging a beach party for orchestra & choir. Need lyrics of original song "Let the sunshine in" a single hitversion in 1969 I think. ... planning to use this song as outro of our performance. Han Lovink 

03 May 02     -     Peggy Barry *  Title:- Aquarius
07 May 02     -    
Katy Malcolm * Title:- The Flesh Failures

03 May 02- 1) Something stupid - Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman 2) I can't get you out of my head - Kylie Minogue. João from Joinville - Brazil.

06 May 02     -     Peggy Barry *

04 May 02- "Lilac Trees"? An old lullaby my grandfather used to sing "Lilac trees are blooming in the corner by the gate,..". Connie

22 Jun 02       -     Karl Kennett
Title:- Stay in your own back yard

07 May 02- Information re. "Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee "a song in hymnals, originally composed by Beethovan. Michelle

08 May 02     -     Peggy Barry *

08 May 02-"Tulips From Amsterdam". English/Dutch versions xxx

Dutch - 07 Jul 02  -     Julia Greenway 

15 May 02- Italian versions of (1) Paese    (2) Vagabondo     by Nicola Di Bari. Angelo

(2) 11 Jun 02     -     Peggy Barry *

17 May 02- "Don't sell daddy anymore whiskey" Dont sell daddy anymore whiskey, for I know it will take him away.   John Tulppo
Saginaw USA

19 May 02     -     Peggy Barry *

17 May 02-"I1 Barcaiolo" Italian song by Donizetti. Have Italian sheet music with words. Need English translation. Elizabeth Top

06 Jun 05       -  Sue 

18 May 02- this wonderful song I remember only a few lines      ".. How do you mend a broken heart, What makes the world go round?" I heard this in a movie two weeks ago at my daughter's house and it's driving me up the The Texas Granny

26 May 02     -     Peggy Barry *

19 May 02- "I Dont Want to Have to Marry You" by Jim Ed Brown and Helen Cornelius. This was a number one hit  in the late 70's. I've searched for lyrics, came up with nothing. I think the chorus went something like this, "I dont want to have to marry you, I dont want to have to say I do....." Barbara
-Courtland, USA

19 May 2003     -     Cookie *  

21 May 02- My Reason by demis roussos mohamed amr-Egypt


24 May 02- Et si demain -  Michel Legrand. This song is in French and we are using it as our first dance song in our wedding.  Any help would be greatly appreciated! Brenda Kidd
-Maryland USA
30 May 02     -     Peggy Barry *
26 May 02- In Perfect Harmony - Roma Downey. Cheryl Totten
- New York  USA


28 May 02- I Can't Believe Your Eyes (not sure of title) by Gene Miller?? It's the love theme from Mannequin Part 2. "I danced alone a thousand times. To songs I've never even heard before." Suzette
- Agana, GUAM


31 May 02- Lyrics to song Butterbeans by Little David Wilkins  LawRecShop

04 Nov 02     -    Frank Lowman

31 May 02- "were just drinkin, smokin straight westcoastin" Ashley C 


01 Jun 02- but u say im just a friend - mario angel guzman 

08 Jun 02     -     Katy Malcolm *

01 Jun 02- House of the rising sun. sounds christianity sort of pop Patrick Kober
-Milwaukee, WI, USA

26 Mar 03     -     Sylvia Patterson*

02 Jun 02- know a bit of chorus to a song but I'm not sure of the artist/song title. " I don't give a damn about my bad reputation"  lyndz

08 Jun 02     -     Katy Malcolm *
Title:- Bad Reputation

02 Jun 02- I think the title of the song from a very old Merry Melodies Cartoon is called "I Love To Sing!". Part of the lyrics are:"I love to sing-ah// About the moon-ah in-ah June-uh and the Spring-ah// "--small cartoon owl in a suit singing on stage at a talent show. Anybody recall? Dearskin

08 Jun 02     -     Katy Malcolm *

03 Jun 02- Don't know name of song, but has words that say: "how many times have you heard someone say if i had his money i'd do things my way." jerry ivey
-cleveland, ms, USA

05 Jun 02     -     Al French *
Title:- Satisfied Mind

04 Jun 02-  "Everything Possible" its also the gay pride anthem i think lol. I think its been recorded by Richard Small. chorus is: "You can be anybody you want to be, you can love whomever you will. You can travel any country where your heart leads" Crikeygirl

08 Jun 02     -     Al French *
Katy Malcolm *

04 Jun 02- My mother has requested a song "One Yellow Rose" to be sung upon her death. Is it possible that you can find this song title & the lyrics, it would be greatly appreciated. SMKANELEZ


07 Jun 02-  "But you love me daddy". Dad:You wake up in dawn and you make too much of noise. Girl:  But you love me Daddy archana dusa
-New Jersey, USA

27 Jun 02     -     Peggy Barry *

07 Jun 02-  Ole Ola -Rod Stewart. Released in 1978 as the official world cup song for Scotland. Vincent Treanor
Derry, Ireland

13 Jun 02     -     Katy Malcolm *

08 Jun 02-  What did you think "What did you think  i would do at this moment, when you're standing before me with tears in your eyes?" Ell

13 Jun 02     -     Katy Malcolm *
Title:- At this moment

08 Jun 02- music and recitation...  by jackie gleason, i'm 99.9% POSITIVE it was him, in the days when a dad peeps into his daughters bedroom is sentimental rather than evil, and he recites how that "just not too long ago she was just a little, tiny girl", but NOW she's all grown up, right before his very eyes and seems like almost overnight, but she's just turned SIXTEEN,...... a tear jerker, or at LEAST heartwarming..... I used to have the '45, but it's been lost for decades... probably from the 1950's....  LareeRudee

09 Jul 02     -     Al French * Gave the following info.
It's called "To a sleeping beauty"and included in a  very good C. D.  by Jimmy Dean---Twenty top story song's.
01 May 03   -    Al French * Sent complete lyrics, found in a CD.

13 Jun 02- Mother sang, "I'm going back to where I come from; where the honeysuckle smells so sweet it darn near makes you sick.  I used to think my life was humdrum,..." E Fobes
-Los Angeles, USA

18 Sep 02     -     Jere

17 Jun 02- "whose your love, whose your love. whose your daddy, whose your daddy. is he rich like me...." "its the time of the season for love..." and that's all I know of the song thanks.  kprevost

10 Jul 02     -      Frank Burrows, P.E. 
Title:- Time of the season

17 Jun 02- "I don't know much, but I know I love you,  That may be all I need to know" - Luther Vandross? Mike Francis
-Durango, USA

18 Jun 02     -     Peggy Barry *

19 Jun 02- Love Makes a Woman - Phoebe Snow Wanda Davis - Pa, USA

26 Jun 02     -     Al French *

20 Jun 02-Standing on a corner in Pittsburg, PA Myrna - Ca USA

26 Jun 02     -     Al French * ,   Peggy Barry *
Title:- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

22 Jun 02- Im looking for an 80's song. A Female voice sings it.
"Happy happy birthday, If they were me and I were you"
Steve Kimball

26 Jun 02     -     Katy Malcolm *

22 Jun 02- "I never stopped believing you were the one who could make me laugh and make me cry" sue -mackay, australia


25 Jun 02- There I go, There I go, There I go, There I go -Brian Mcknight or Eddie Jefferson. "...Pretty baby, your the source of my control. Every time that I'm near you I can not behave". Dr. W. Preston Shaw
-Beaumont, Texas, USA

26 Jun 02     -     Katy Malcolm *
Title:-Moody's Mood for Love

26 Jun 02- Keep On Praying.  "Keep on praying, keep on praying & heavens doors will unlock. If you pray you've got the keys to  the kingdom and your faith will unlock the door" Rev. Rudy Gearring
-Gary, Indiana, USA


29 Jun 02- Looking for the words to Would you like to swing  on a star. JC -Glendale, AZ, USA

03 Jul 02     -     Peggy Barry *

03 Jul 02- I Enjoy Being a Girl. Broadway musical-Flower Drum Song. Peggy Lee also sang this song at one time. Treanna Snyder
-Davenport, IA  USA

04 Jul 02     -     Julia Greenway

03 Jul 02- ...probably a song of the 30's or 40's. We are searching for the sheet music. The lyrics go like this:
"If anyone could say each day that their true love was here to stay...We could...We could, you and I
For when you are in my arms I know you are happy to be there. Just as long as I'm with you, I'm happy anywhere.
If anyone could pray each night and thank the Lord that all is right...We could...We could, you and I."
Shawn Goenen


06 Jul 02- Mister Big Stuff.  Please help me find the lyrics.  Janice Hicks
-Sheffield Lake USA

09 Jul 02     -     Peggy Barry *

06 Jul 02- There was a song either in the late 50's early 60's called The little blue man. Don't know the artist.  I always sang it to my kids but don't remember all the words. Sheridan

10 Jul 02     -     Peggy Barry *

10 Jul 02-  lyrics for all verses of O Canada, in English ? B.B.

12 Jul 02     -     Katy Malcolm *

11 Jul 02- ... song sung by mario lanzo guardian angels. Bradley

09 Sep 02     -     Mish

12 Jul 02- ..old song "MORE"? and the name of the vocalist.  Kitty Porciello

12 Jul 02     -     Peggy Barry *
Vocalist:- Vic Dana

15 Jul 02- .hi i want to know the lyrics or where i can buy a song called daddy will you marry me Leo "Daddy will you marry me"was written by Deana Carter from the TV show "Raising Dad" and has never been released as a single.
09 Sep 02     -     Mish 
15 Jul 02- Bring Sally Up, Bring Sally down Kristan -Laporte, USA

16 Jul 02     -     Katy Malcolm *

16 Jul 02- Burle Ives' song: Big Rock Candy Mountain. Garrick Rawlings
Hermosa Beach, CA,USA

16 Jul 02     -     Katy Malcolm *
     -     Peggy Barry * (3 versions)

17 Jul 02 -  'beautiful love' by shirley horn. Kathy Slifer

09 Sep 02     -     Mish 

17 Jul 02 - "Pepino, The Italian Mouse" (Italian version) and "Pepino's Friend Pasqual" - Lou Monte. (English & Italian lyrics)  Sandy Johnson -Bremerton, WA USA


19 Jul 02 - I want to use the song 'Way Down Yonder in the Indian Nation' in a  manuscript I'm writing...I just need to know the date or the approximate time  of its origination.  It's a song my Dad used to sing, but I'm sure hoping it was originated much earlier, about the time of  the Civil War. Aldora Eller

20 Jul 02     -     Peggy Barry  *
     -     Katy Malcolm *
Title:- The Oklahoma Hills

22 Jul 02 - "Hey hey hey little bird in the sky, singing a song to a new day. I've got no money and I'm kinda funny but I've never had a blue day...."- who sings this tune, and the title. Amy
29 May 05  - Theresa Fisher
Chantilly Lace -  Big Bopper
22 Jul 02 - What Would You Do ( If Jesus Came To Your House) - Porter Wagoner Jerry Ivey
-Cleveland, Ms. USA

24 Jul 02     -     Peggy Barry  *

26 Jul 02 - ...lyrics to the song Family Reunion by the OJ's Melody Richard

27 Jul 02     -     Peggy Barry  *

28 Jul 02 - "Jump, Jive & Wail".  "A woman is a woman and a man ain't nothing like a man, a woman is a woman and a man ain't nothing like a man, one good thing about him he knows how to jive and wail. Whitney Gene
-Rio Oso, USA

29 Jul 02     -     Katy Malcolm *

30 Jul 02 - remember just a snatch of the lyrics and they may not be exactly correct. walking in the rain with my (your?) shoes untied. title/artist/where I might find.  Tim
-Rainelle, WV

01 Aug 02     -     Peggy Barry  *
Title:- Muddy Water.  

30 Jul 02 - lyrics for the song "I'm Glad There is You" sung by Lena Horne on a episode of "The Cosby Show"   I'm not sure if she originally sang it. Starr Fagerstrom

01 Aug 02     -     Peggy Barry  *

31 Jul 02 - I live in Laredo,TX. on the Rio Grande, Mexico is just across the River. May I have the words to no.274 Rio Grande and "The Streets of Laredo"? Bill Hastings

01 Aug 02     -     Katy Malcolm *

01 Aug 02 - yes i am looking for a gospel song called, "Look For Me". i have tried to get the word cause my friend has to sing it for a funeral so if you can please find it asap. i would appriciate it so much. AMANDA

07 Jun 2005 - K.R. Edwards
The song.."Look for Me" is available at Daywind Music.  

02 Aug 02 - "Tell Me I'm The One". - Jennifer Day. "Tell Me I'm the One you baby the one who makes your heart go crazy" Kimberly Shikles
-Joplin, USA

03 Aug 02     -     Katy Malcolm *

03 Aug 02 - lyrics to a song from  1959  "The Flamingos" sang it. It is called "I only have eyes for you".  D.& K. Huotari 

03 Aug 02     -     Katy Malcolm *

05 Aug 02 - ..lyrics to "my Old Man's a Dustman" by Lonnie Donegan. It'd be great if you have them. "a person who did not read this page properly"

09 Aug 02     -     Peggy Barry  *

06 Aug 02 -I am looking for a song to sing in a pageant. I think the name of it is In his kiss. Someone told me it was by Mary Wells but I am not for sure. Some of the lyrics are .."Is it in his eyes - oh no looks are deceiving is it in his touch - oh no thats so misleading.. If you wanna know if he loves you so its in his kiss - thats where it is". Tiffany

09 Aug 02     -     Peggy Barry  *
sung by:- Betty Everett

08 Aug 02 -"i came to the party your girl was looking at me no i ain't a ?????? no i ain't tagging her........." Emily
-New Jersey


08 Aug 02 - "Tell Me A Story".  ...a song I used to sing as a child. ...last verse was, "Tell me a story, tell me a story, Tell me a story and then I'll go to bed. ..And now get up to bed". Dotty
-New Lisbon, USA

10 Aug 02     -     Peggy Barry  *

10 Aug 02 - lyrics of .(1) My Reason  by Demis Roussos         (2) Ruby, dont take your love to town by Kenny Rogers Carlos Par

(2) 14 Aug 02     -     Al French *
-     Peggy Barry 

12 Aug 02 -I need to know where the song "Kaya Kawili" comes from & if it has any meaning. Andy Holiner

?Dear Carlo,  I have not found this song on the web.....though I suspected it was Philipino and tried to find it on their sites.
Last night I had the opportunity to talk with a lady from the Phillipines and she assured me that the words were in Tagalog, the language of the Phillipines.  "Kaya" means "can".  "Kawili" was more difficult because it usually is prefixed or suffixed to clarify it's meaning.  But roughly it means to "somewhat enjoy".     When taken out of context, it is not very meaningful, and she was not familiar with the song itself order to clarify it a bit more.  But maybe this will be of help to the person requesting information.    God bless, Peggy*

16 Aug 02 - "A woman is something both evil and good , but too complicated to be understood". brenda

28 Aug 2003     -     Jello

17 Aug 02 -"She's so young, she full of answers. She doesn't ask any questions, like I do, like I do". (don't know the name of this song nor the artist) Maria

20 Aug 02     -     Peggy Barry  *

18 Aug 02 -"she don't know she's beautiful though time and time i told her so" Jimmie 19 Aug 02    -     Katy Malcolm *
                      -     Peggy Barry  *
19 Aug 02- Can someone please tell me the name of the song, in which there is a female singer repeating the lyrics:
"did you know,......did you know...".
Mike pl

19 Aug 02     -     Peggy Barry  *
Title:- "Mary did you know"

22 Aug 02-"I think I've almost lost my mind I think about you all the time" maxine miser
- arkansas ,  usa

28 Aug 02     -     Peggy Barry  *

22 Aug 02- "Ghost in you" mecauayan

27 Aug 02     -     Peggy Barry  *

23 Aug 02- I'm looking for the words to a song my grandmother sang a long time ago.  It was about a girl in school who wore a ring and tried to clean it. Some of the words are: "...she took the stone out gently and with her teeth she held it in.  But the blamed old thing had got her goat and went down her throat like gin..."and also "...and when she coughed and coughed it tore away some skin, now half a tonsil is left on the blamed old ring."  It is possible it was just a made up jingle at her school, but I thought it might be a song.  Thanks for any help. Kathleen
-alpena USA


28 Aug 02- "I'm not the same girl you used to know..I wish I said the words I never showed" becky
-bowling green ohio
30 Aug 02    -     Katy Malcolm *
Title:- "Here With Me"
29 Aug 02-Ain`t no sunshine when she`s gone. -Bobby blue bland.
"ain`t no sunshine when she`s gone, there`s no worm when she`s away...any time she`s gone away".
-Podgorica & Yugoslavia

30 Aug 02     -     Peggy Barry  *

02 Sep 02-<PRE>Song containing lyrics "...and maybe a baby will climb upon your knee and put his arms around you, but how about me".   Ncglight 02 Sep 02     -     Peggy Barry  *
03 Sep 02- See the pyramids along the Nile ....  What comes next, etc? Steve Samberg 

04 Sep 02     -     Peggy Barry  *

04 Sep 02- Butter Beans. I believe second verse begins with "Bread and gravy is alright"  Beyond that, I can't remember. Jack
-Scottsdale, AZ

09 Sep 02     -    Mish

04 Sep 02- I am looking for the song Good Old Butter Beans. I know Little David Wilkins wrote or sung it. P.Kilgore

09 Sep 02     -    Mish

06 Sep 02- I am looking for the origin of "Down by the Riverside".  Haprobinsn

10 Sep 02     -     Peggy Barry  *

11 Sep 02- You've got to hide your Love Away -The Beatles. I would love to have the words to this song in English print.  Dr. C.A.Thomas PhD
-Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio USA

13 Sep 02     -    Mish

11 Sep 02- grateful for lyrics of song "you will never grow old"

14 Sep 02     -     Peggy Barry  *

12 Sep 02- 'Jody' or 'Jodie'. t's a chipper oldies rock tune from the mid to late 60's. The lyrics I know are "Jody is a good name, for people who are free..." the chorus starts off "Ride ride, ride on down the highway".   Brent
-Regina, SK, Canada

19 May 2003     -     ZigZag

15 Sep 02- ..lyrics to two songs - favorites when I was a child: (1) "Cowboy Jack".  (2) lyrics to the other - "My dear do you know how a long time ago, two poor little children whose names I don't know, were stolen away on a right summer's day..."

16 Sep 02    -     Katy Malcolm *

16 Sep 02- "We're in the same boat brother". - Paul Robeson Sarveshvari
-Hyderabad, India

21 Sep 02     -     Peggy Barry  *

17 Sep 02- Sara Lee? Lisa sang this song at the Radio Music Hall.  It is such a neat song, funny!  Addie


17 Sep 02- perhaps from 60s or 70' goes "You told me that you loved me; so why'd you make me cry?
You told me that you needed me; and never'd say goodbye..
So why am i alone again? you didn't even try.. Still i can't get you out of my mind....
(chorus) You're not the one that i once loved ...Not the one i've been dreaming of.. You look the same but you have changed...Not the one that i once loved..."
it's a very short song.. sorry i don't have more info on it 
-Altona, MB, Canada

07 Sep 2003     -     Scott Crockford
The song was released by URGENT.
I would guess this was during the early 1980s as I first heard it on K-TEL's "Masters Of Metal: Volume 2" which was released in 1984.

18 Sep 02-My Mom claims there was an old tune (from the 1930's or 40's she thinks) that contains the lyrics  "cement mixer, putsy putsy" I'm having a hard time believing this is a lyric,(lol!) I would love to find the song or any info about it and play it for her.  Amoreena
-Daleville, USA

30 Aug 02    -     Katy Malcolm *
Hard to find. Have some information"

23 Sep 02- I would thank very much if someone could send me the lyric for NICOLA DI BARI´S song "GIRAMONDO" THANKS (1) Agustina Moroni
(2) Gustavo - Argentina


24 Sep 02- "Peace"? is a poem and I'd like to know the author:
"I am at peace, my heart has stopped its troubled beating and is quiet.
I am content. I dream, remembering the way you kissed me, and your smile. I ask no more. I feel the touch of your caress, warm upon my heart."
Malcolm Hyde
-Paris, France


26 Sep 02- The First Train Headin' South By Johnny Horton Garrick

27 Sep 02    -     Katy Malcolm *

29 Sep 02- looking for the title to a song which contains the words "old green teeth" and "reroute my trip via Omaha". Kathy

01 Oct 02    -     Katy Malcolm *
Title:- Uneasy Rider

29 Sep 02- I work in an assisted living. There is a favorite resident (84 yr. old black man) trying to remember a song his grandmother taught him--it brings tears to his eyes--but he cannot remember the whole song.  It begins:  "I was standing by the river when I heard my mama cry". Lee
-Delaware, USA


02 Oct 02 - I heard the song in an out of town night club. It starts out with about 10 or 13 seconds of the low rider song from WAR. It has a great beat, the lyrics are very funny. when I asked the bartender, she stated, it was called : "college girls are easy". So far I have not found this song anywhere.  Eugene


02 Oct 02 - I heard this song in the movie "Here On Earth"- With Chris Klein and also on the Ralph Lauren commercial where the girl and boy are at the beach. Some of the lyrics are : "...And I need love..." Meral

12 Oct 02    -     Katy Malcolm *

05 Oct 02 - "yeah, yeah, I've been searching, searching" by group probably from 60's  Jerry
-Cleveland, Ms

10 Oct 02     -     Peggy Barry  *
Title:- Searchin'

05 Oct 02 - close your eyes im a memory by willie nelson
"i'm a voice on a green telephone"
mike creamer
-austin texas


05 Oct 02 - I have just started to show my Dad how to download MP3's and he asked me if I knew this song: the hook of the song is:"She sways when she wiggles and she wiggles when she walks..."And there is something about a ponytail....any ideas??? Please help  Amy

23 Oct 02     -     Peggy Barry  *
                            Kate *

06 Oct 02 -The hobo and the trucker he gave me a thumb up and I gave the thumb up right back at him and wouldn't you know it...down the road my tire blew out. reta hubbard
London ky USA


07 Oct 02 - How do I get dominic the donkey cd? CBarbarula

10 Oct 02     -     Peggy Barry  *

08 Oct 02 - Sing for the Song (?) - Harry Belafonte. "sing for the song,'s not for the bright lights or (painted) ladies, don't you know..." Margaret Mahood
Columbus, Ohio

10 Oct 02     -     Peggy Barry  *

08 Oct 02 - Gloves - children's common choir. "gloves, on fingers and thumbs, gloves, our grandparents wore, gloves can also do much- for picking up some things that are not so pleasant to touch - YUCK!" Sylvia S.
Anchorage, USA


10 Oct 02 - Mama - Italian song Connie Francis recorded. also recorded by The Gaylords. really appreciate if someone could provide info on obtaining the Italian lyrics. Andre Pagotto
Montreal, Canada

12 Oct 02     -     Peggy Barry  *
(both versions)

13 Oct 02 - i'd rather have bad times with you - luther vandross.  "id rather have bad times with you than good times with someone else" rosalynn uy

15 Oct 02    -     Katy Malcolm *

14 Oct 02 - Broken Wedding Ring  - Hank Snow Lem Bezanson
Nova Scotia, Canada

15 Oct 02     -     Peggy Barry  *

14 Oct 02 -Put Me In Your Pocket Lem Bezanson
Nova Scotia, Canada

15 Oct 02     -     Peggy Barry  *
                     -     Katy Malcolm *
(In the Frame)

15 Oct 02 - Give Me A Rose. I think the song goes "Give me a rose while I'm alive for i won't enjoy it when I'm dead". Barbara B.
Weyburn, Canada

18 Jan 2006  -    Doug Jones

15 Oct 02 - old children's song, partial lyrics:  "Slide down my cellar door, and we'll be jolly friends forevermore". Marje Williams
Chicago IL USA

15 Oct 02    Title:- "Playmate"
                     -    Jere ,   Hattye Hall
Katy Malcolm * (Additionally, "Oh, Little Devil")

16 Oct 02 - The Prisoner's Song.  It is a song from 1924.       I think about a prisoner who is looking for moonlight stars Lem Bezanson
Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia, Canada

17 Oct 02     -    Arlene  *
-     Peggy Barry  *
                     -     Katy Malcolm *

21 Oct 02 - L'italiano - Toto Cotugno Alessandro

22 Oct 02     -     Peggy Barry  *
                     -     Katy Malcolm *

21 Oct 02 -Looking for the title, artist, lyrics to a dreadful country song probably recorded in the 40's.  I remember a scratchy 78 rpm recording.  Male artist. Starts with screeching "Oh, it's Saturday, yes it's Saturday."   Includes a lie to the effect of "Gonna shine shoes shine and bresh my teeth..." TIA Kate Alexander *


22 Oct 02 - the lyrics to Two little Boys by Rolf Harris OHAIREFAMILY

24 Oct 02     -     Peggy Barry  *  ,  Katy Malcolm*

25 Oct 02 - Don't Wait Till The Night Before Christmas
- Sam M. Lewis & Abel Baer

26 Oct 02     -     Katy Malcolm*  ,  Peggy Barry 

05 Nov 02 -what is the name of the song or what are the lyrics to the song that goes something like this:
will you be my everything     will you be the happy song i sing
will you be the joy of my life     will you be the stars in my life

06 Nov 02     -     Peggy Barry (two versions)
                             Kate *
Title:- Will you be mine

08 Nov 02 - Will I see you in September??? "will I see you when the summer time is through?" This is probably from the mid to late sixties. Who sang this and all the lyrics? Ann
Billerica, MA. USA

10 Nov 02     -     Frank Lowman
Katy Malcolm* 
Peggy Barry  *       -     Kate *

10 Nov 02 - Tudy Fruity O Rudy Jenny G.
Grand Forks USA

14 Nov 02     -     Peggy Barry  *
-     Frank Lowman        -    Jere

12 Nov 02 - I am having trouble locating the lyrics.  I am the president of a music, arts & performance organization at the Penn State McKeesport campus.  We have very little money to purchase sheet music, planning a Christmas show & like to sing Carol of the Bells.  searched the internet, found only soprano lyrics.  We need the alto lyrics played softly in the background.  Lauren Sendek    Penn State University

15 Nov 02      -     Hattye Hall

18 Nov 02 - tracy chapman's baby can I hold you tonight; Terry McCann

20 Nov 02     -     Kate  *

20 Nov 02 - I would like the words for Jesus my Lord.   Rachel

21 Nov 02     -     Edward C. Hinckley  *
Peggy Barry *, 

21 Nov 02 - Italian lyrics to Mambo Italiano as recorded by Renato Carosone? André

26 Nov 02     -     Peggy Barry  *

22 Nov 02 - I'm looking for the lyrics to Randy Edelmann's Up town up tempo woman Terry


22 Nov 02 - It is in a lot of commercials and I think that it is from the sixties or seventies. Part of the lyrics are:
"Its the time of the season..." That's all I know and I would really like to know who sings it.

26 Nov 02     -     Peggy Barry  *
                       -     Frank Lowman

22 Nov 02 - I would like to obtain the words of a song from my childhood (1930s) called "Little Old Lady (passing by...)". I believe it was sung by the late Gracie Fields among others. Can you help, please? I don't need the music because it's firmly stuck in my mind.(A nice little tune, it was.) Colin Salsbury
Loughborough, Leics., England

29 Mar 2003 - Pat Colon

23 Nov 02 - My mother use to sing it as a lullaby, and I think it's very old. The only line I can remember is "Little yellow bird in the tree sing a song for me." I think it then goes in to like "sing about the..." and it lists things.


02 Dec 02 - If I had my life to live over
I would still feel the same way today
I would stil want to roam
To the place we called home
Where happiness, we'll never forget.
I'd meet you when schooldays were over
and we'd walk down the lane we once knew
If I had my life to live over
I would still fall in love with you
Please can you help me find this, my dad died on Saturday and this was the song he sang to us all and we would like it played at his funeral.

As best I can tell, this is probably the waltz tune with lyrics written by Moe Jaffe in 1937.  Kate Smith and Clyde Moody, among others, sang it.  I haven't been able to find complete lyrics though.  At this
point, I can only suggest finding an old Kate Smith recording, but I'll keep looking.
05 Dec 02   -    Kate *

10 Dec 02 - I'm looking for the words to a Christian children's song I believe called, "Peace."  Some of the lyrics are as follows: 
"Peace is when the wind stops blowing,
peace is when the sun is showing,
knowing that my daddy's home,
God gives me peace."

Peace, Peace, I think I understand,
peace, peace is holding Jesus' hand."

If you happen to know the rest of the words, could you please e-mail me with them.  I sang this song as a little girl in my church and sing it to my son at night, but can't remember all the words.  I'm sure he's tired of hearing the same verse over and over!  :)


10 Dec 02 - i was wondering if you happen to have Silent Night in German.  If not, thank you for your time. Cadet Rosner
State University of New York, Maritime College

10 Dec 02   -    Kate *
Peggy Barry  * with the phonetic version (how to pronounce the words) and the English translation.

10 Dec 02 - It's from the 80s and it goes something like this; "Ohhhh, simple things. Is all we really need, to build a wall no one else can seeeeee" repeat. Please help me find the name and artist of this song. Eddie


11 Dec 02 - who sings Dominick the Donkey?

13 Dec 02     -     Peggy Barry  *

11 Dec 02 - Did You  See the Black Rogue. I am looking for violin music for this traditional celtic song. I heard it on the Holiday Traditions Celtic Collections CD called Winter on the Moors Darcy Baker
Florence USA


11 Dec 02 - Please send the words for silent night in Irish   Josephine

13 Dec 02     -     Peggy Barry  *

21 Dec 02 - Take My Bridgework Back to Mama. Take my bridgework back to Mama, Lay it gently in her hand. When my mama sees my bridge work, she is sure to understand. Ricker
Charlottesville USA


23 Dec 02 - Italian Melodies by The Gaylords Heather Coursen
Ashtabula, USA


23 Dec 02 - My parents are trying to find "their song". Some where before 1949. The lyrics they remember are "I'll never say I love you to anyone but you. You're the only sweetheart I'll whisper sweetheart to. Day after day, year after year, as long as we're together dear. I'll never say I love you to anyone but you.' Peggy
Milwaukee WI

21 Jan 03     -     Peggy Barry  * Sent info

23 Dec 02 -  ... words and music to the patter song that has been cut from most versions of the movie The Court Jester?
Toward the beginning Danny Kaye sings a hilarious ditty that includes the word "appendicitis." That's all of it I  remember. 
Charlottesville USA


26 Dec 02 -  the lyrics to The Cactus Christmas Tree.  It was an old song written before the 1950's.   Dianne Rochon

28 Dec 02     -     Peggy Barry  * Sent site URL 

27 Dec 02 -  It came from the episode titled "My Bad" from the hit show Scrubs. Dr. Cox is looking at pictures of his ex wife. All I remember is "And here's to our fights. And here's to you having a good life." Jeff

31 Dec 02     -     Frank Lowman  * Info & Site URL

30 Dec 02 -  looking for an old Christmas song that I believed is called "Christmas Bride".  It goes "Santa, please make me his bride for Christmas..."  lisa

07 Jan 2003     -     Peggy Barry  *

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