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22 Dec 2003 - No Other Love arranged by Paul Weston and sung by his wife Jo Stafford, written to the tune of Chopin Etude in E, Op. 10 No. 3. The words as far as I remember are " No moon tonight no friendly star to guide me with it's light, be still my heart" etc. I wander whether you have the lyrics and know a place to buy the sheet music for this song for a tenor. Ernest Fernando
(Carlo's cousin)

22 Dec 2003     -    Katy Malcolm *

16 Dec 2003 - "once upon a time i drank a little wine..was as happy as could happy as could be..(other parts) get down get down get down you're a bad dog baby but i still want you around..told you once before and i won't tell you no more so get down get down get down ...this is an oldie i think or the 70's ..i heard when i was a little girl..been looking for awhile for artist and title. kaye 
united states

16 Dec 2003     -    Katy Malcolm *, Charlie Griffin *, §helly Baillie *
Get Down - Gilbert O'Sullivan 07/04/1973

15 Dec 2003 - "Pepino the Italian Mouse". You wouldn't happen to know where I could look to get all the italian verses and possibly a translation too? Jason LoMonaco


14 Dec 2003 - I am in finding out information about "Little Christmas Stocking with a Hole in the Toe"  number 538.  However, I am not looking for the words to the song, but information of any albums that is appeared.  My grandmother had an album with this song, and a song that I believe was titled "I've got eighteen Cents to spend for Christmas" or something close to that.
My grandmother passed recently, and it would mean a lot to my mother to have a copy of this album.
Heather Roach

Information - L.G, Darrell Granger

10 Dec 2003 - From the movie "Boondock Saints" - the song playing as the McManus Bros. & David Della Rocko put on their masks, joked about Mushmouth (from Fat Albert), and entered the video shop. Tim Cox
Akron, OH, USA


10 Dec 2003 - tear stained letter Samuel King
Plano, Tx

14 Jul 2003     -     §helly Baillie *

09 Dec 2003 - "i fell in love i fell in love with you i fell in love with you i fell in love i fell love with you i fell in love with you when you were young not much older then me nothing would happen between us as far i could see when you call out he hurt you again you said you wanted comfort i wanted be much more then your friend it was late your head was on my chest you" Lay

10 Jul 2003     -     §helly Baillie *
Mytown - The Day

08 Dec 2003 - (1) send your best angel for mama (2) angels in the room  lyrics & artist


10 Jul 2003     -     §helly Baillie *
(1) Would you please send your best angel for Mama
(2) Angels in the room

29 Nov 2003 - A Man we ought to know. "he roamed the country side and taught the people". Fr. Mahesh Ganemulla, Parish Priest, St. Thomas' Church, Kotte.


29 Nov 2003 - looking for a story about an Indian chief who attends a revival service on the reservation.  The background music playing is I surrender all. The Indian selection on the MS Mass Choir CD ' God Gets the Glory" is close but not it.  In the story we are looking for, each night the chief presents a gift to Jesus by saying, "Me chief, me give {ex: blanket, pony, tepee, self} to Jesus. The song is more than 14 years old. LadyMusic


22 Nov 2003 - The name and singer of a song that has "surprise, surprise I'll give you a present" than later in the song it says surprise I'll give you a star. It was about a couple that met he gave her a present, then she gave him a child, When she died he gave her a star. Twas a real tear jerker. I only heard it once when I was in seventh grade. It might be Sonny James.They said his name when it was over but I've never been able to find it. S Clark


12 Nov 2003 - Who's got a beard that's long and white    Must Be Santa


12 Nov 2003   -   Cookie*, Katy Malcolm *, §helly Baillie *

09 Nov 2003 - Can you please send me the lyrics of (1)"Let It Be Me" by Kenny Rogers and "Members Only" by "?" Darshana de Silva 
Sri Lanka

(1) 11 Nov 2003  - Edward C.  Hinckley *, Al French*, §helly Baillie*, Charlie Griffin *,  Katy Malcolm *
11 Nov 2003 -  §helly Baillie *, Charlie Griffin *,  Katy Malcolm * 

03 Nov 2003 - Thank you for taking my life song in the 1960's probably country.  I need to know the artist, where can I get the sheet music.  This is a dying womans request. Lavon Forrester


23 Oct 2003 - English version of Che La Luna "......Momma Dear come over here  and see who's looking in my window its the butcher boy and oh he's got a bundle in his hands tell me why he winks his eye whenever he goes bye my window.  daughter daughter he's in love and you're in love and love is grand........" Maria

23 Oct 2003     -     §helly Baillie *
OH MA MA ! (The Butcher Boy)

18 Oct 2003 - "All The pretty Little Horses"


18 Oct 2003     -   Cookie* §helly Baillie * 

26 Sep 2003 - There was a song out don't remember when. It is a male singer. The song starts out: "You say the thrill has changed to a chill, you're tired of my loving and you want to be free". Then it says "I've been loving you to long I cant stop now when you say the feelings gone darling I don't see how I'm so use to loving you". It is not Otis Redding. Please help me been all over the internet looking for who sings it.


? (Lyrics not found)
23 Oct 2003      -   Phyllis Turner
Conway Twitty recording, "I'm So
Used To Loving You" - Amazon has a copy for sale at the moment.

26 Sep 2003 - I need HELP  I heard this song and i don't know who sings it or the title...i really like the song and would really like to find it...some of the lyrics of the chorus are..."first steps an imprint, second steps commitment, third step i'm not through yet, fourth step..."  Ashley
Silver Bay

27 Sep 2003     -     §helly Baillie *, Cookie*

23 Sep 2003 - (1) 50s or 60s oldie. "OH what's tough?  Life.  Oh what's life?  A magazine.  Well how much does it cost?  It costs 20 cents.  But I only got a nickel...ohoh...well that's tough".  (2) 50s or 60s oldie. "My wife, she can't cook....she's got me eatin red beans and onions again" gypsey
Luray, Virginia USA

(1) 23 Sep 2003   -   Cookie*
That's Life - Gabriel & The Angels

22 Sep 2003 - I love you.  I love you, I love you lord today.  Because you cared for me, in such a special way Dianna Campbell

22 Sep 2003     -     §helly Baillie *

15 Sep 2003 - I cannot find this particular song in your multiple listings and I’m not exactly sure what the title is; however, its’ major refrain is “It’s In The Book”.  I always thought that was the title but it may not be.  It is of the same era as “Down Yonder”.  I listened to this song with my family as they played either an old 78 or a 45 and we laughed so much.  If you can help me determine its true title, artist or recording company I would be so appreciative….. Lou

16 Sep 2003   -   Cookie*, §helly Baillie *, 
Kate Alexander *,
Peggy Barry *

10 Sep 2003 - Hi I am looking for the words to Happy Birthday in Italian.  I need them by tomorrow September 11, 2003 Tarah


09 Sep 2003 - I am looking for lyrics for: Boney Bones by Louis Prima and his Orchestra "Boney Bones is what I call my sweetheart..." gwgcc

Name of CD that contains the song is: "Breaking It Up" (Louis Prima and Keeley Smith) it was originally sung for Columbia records in 1952.

08 Sep 2003 - who wrote the country song "Matilda"?  I'm getting married in a few months. My mother & grandfather enjoy dancing to this song so I would really like it at the wedding. Ruby

Two versions
10 Sep 2003    
-     Cookie *
13 Sep 2003     -     Peggy Barry *

27 Aug 2003 - would you know where i could get a tape or c.d .of Charlie Prides.the songs called Little Delta  Church.The name of the tape is called SUNDAY MORNING WITH CHARLIE PRIDE. I think it was released around  1975. Noelene Yeomans

07 Sep 2003     -     Cookie *

27 Aug 2003 - Lyric's and  (esp.) the chords to the song: " Y Tu Que Has Hecho?" written by  Eusebio Delfin. Jarheadmarine

16 Sep 2003     -     Peggy Barry *

27 Aug 2003 - looking for a song in the mid-upper 80's having lyrics like"...come with me ,I'll take you away..." with a very deep base repeat of the word HOLIDAY throughout the song. I heard the song for the first time around 87 or 88 and it was only played by the station for about 3 - 4 weeks then never heard it again until this past weekend when I heard it on a retro 80's night and the name of the song or artist was never given. Any information will be greatly appreciated.  Mike McGuigan

18 Sep 2003     -     Peggy Barry *

26 Aug 2003 - I need your help and need it badly  I am 64 years and the following lines of songs sung in the good old school days are always in the back of my mind----(1) A song of love is a sad song hi lili hilili hi lo, (2) From the wine came the grape and from the grape came the vine and they called it bellarosa  (3) The final song which I still know a few lines and which my classmates and i used to sing is  Around The Corner looking for henry lee itold my henry lee to go away and now i am sad because his gone .If you could please send me the words i will be very happy to receive it. Malcolm Ziegelaar
Sri Lanka

(1) 26 Aug 2003     -     §helly Baillie *,  Kate Alexander *,   Peggy Barry *,   Cookie *,  Kathy Beebe*, Lois Hinckley *
(2) 26 Aug  2003     -     Peggy Barry *
§helly Baillie *,  Cookie *
(3) 26 Aug 2003
Edward C.  Hinckley *, Peggy Barry *,  Lois Hinckley *
The Requestor thanks the above ladies & gentleman for sending the lyrics and bringing back memories.

26 Aug 2003 - I 'm looking for a song that goes "you ask where i live, here's the address i give, the four winds and the seven seas." i am pretty sure its by the smother's brothers. If you can help me out it'd be awesome. i want the rest of the lyrics. 

26 Aug 2003     -     §helly Baillie *,   Peggy Barry *

19 Aug 2003 -  Que bella cosa (Italian song that plays on my cell phone) Rosemary 
Tucson, AZ, USA

19 Aug 2003     -     Kate Alexander *

18 Aug 2003 - When Comes to the Weary (Good Night and Good Morn). Thank you for sending the lyrics, bless you!  Could you get the music sheet for this for me??  I have an aunt and uncle near the end of their lives who want this sung at their funerals Pam Schwallier *

19 Aug 2003     -     Kate Alexander *, Peggy Barry *

18 Aug 2003 - "if wishes were diamonds" Bridget Ring
Greenwood, NS, Canada

19 Aug 2003     -     Kate Alexander * Buried Treasures. has it

17 Aug 2003 - Does anyone know the lyrics to this song??? 
Many Happy Returns of the Day - Words by Al Dubin and Alfred Bryan - Music by Joe Burke 1931. - Sung by Bing Crosby, Kate Smith, Rudy Vallee, even by Alfalfa in a "Little Rascals" (Our Gang) episode.

30 Aug 2003     -     Frank Lowman * It claims it will have the lyrics to the song you desire and others soon.

13 Aug 2003 - looking for a song that goes something like this...   "Good night down here  -  Good morning up there" 
It was sung at a funeral 50+ years ago.
Pam Schwallier*

14 Aug  2003     -     Peggy Barry *

07 Aug 2003 - "I'm gonna hire a wino to decorate our home.." that's all I know. I think it's a country song. Don't know the artist or name of the song. It is a male artist. HELP please.  kitten carter
cleveland   USA

08 Aug 2003   -   Jere *, Kathy Beebe*

02 Aug 2003 - Lula lula lula lula bye bye - Paul Robeson. "do you want the moon to play with, or the sun to run away with" Irene Beadsworth

Song No. 167 in the Song Index -     Peggy Barry *

15 Jul 2003 - words/chords to the song I wish I was Eighteen again.. George Shea

07 Aug 2003     -     §helly Baillie,  Kathy Beebe*, Peggy Barry *

15 Jul 2003 - My father use to sing this to me as a child, he is gone now but i would love to find the artist and song so I can buy it. I think this was the chorus: "Candy canes and carrousels, fairy tales and wishing wells and swings, and things that bounce when you let go. No matter what the world might bring, to me you'll always be these things, my little girl my angel all a glow." The beginning of the song went like this:
"You came in times of trouble and despair. You brought a kind of happiness beyond compare..." 
jillian higgins
roscoe, USA

15 Jul 2003    -  Title is "Daddy's Baby Girl".. but I didn't find who sang it.   
         -      Jacky Sanner

13 Jul 2003 - 70's tune, chorus, 'do you  know what i mean?" jill  - ny, usa

15 Jul 2003     -     Peggy Barry *

12 Jul 2003 - "don't pull your love out on me baby, if you do then i think that maybe I'll just lay me down, cry for a hundred years" Cindy Swinhart
Villa Rica, Ga./USA

13 Jul 2003     -     §helly Baillie *, 
Frank Lowman *, Peggy Barry *
Title: Don't Pull Your Love

09 Jul 2003 - I only remember a few words, but this song really meant a lot to my dad and I would really like to find it! the words are "if you don't say good bye then there will be something missing in my life." ashley s.

09 Jul 2003     -     Kate Alexander *
If you go

08 Jul 2003 -looking for the name and/or performers of a sixties funk/ soul/gospel song that begins: Happiness and peace are getting more and more out of our reach. Violence and revolution seem to be all that the people want to teach. They're gunning down your brothers, molesting your sisters and your mothers in the streets. And the president's talkin' bout a change, but nobody's got sense enough to come in out of the rain. Hallock Svensk
Southport, CT USA

 08 Jul 2003     -     Peggy Barry * 
Come In Out of the Rain" - found on several CD's including:  1.)Parliament, The Early Years. 2.)Rhenium
3.)First Thangs - The latter (First Thangs) can be purchased on, can also listen to a sample of the music.

03 Jul 2003 - I would like the lyrics to "As Time Goes By" carolms

03 Jul 2003     -     Charlie Griffin * , Frank Lowman *,    Mike *

20 Jun 2003 - "I won't stand this place any longer   -   Poisoned air and soiled water   -   Falling down from the sky   -   Which is nothing but a color of lead
Give me some air   -   I just wanna breathe   -   I need to go where   -   
the rain is clean
Away from the city lights   -   Away from the city lights"
There are 3 more verses after that..
San Antonio USA


19 Jun 2003 - Am trying to find the words to that beautiful song "I'll Be Seeing You In All The Old Familiar Places" etc. Can you help me.    Karl

19 Jun 2003     -     Charlie Griffin *, 
                 Kathy Beebe*, Kate Alexander *  

17 Jun 2003 - Kindly help me with these songs:
1.  When this whole world turns you down    -     And not a true friend     can be found   -   Remember me, I'm the one who loves you                   
2.  When you walk through the world all alone   -    And those dreams     turn to ashes behind you   -    Through that lace-covered window....
3.  I'm falling in love tonight   -    Somehow I know   -    But somehow you changed me dear   -    This time it's true - 
    I'm falling in love tonight with you.
Rue Ramas

1) 18 Jun 2003     -     Kate Alexander *
Al French * ,       Peggy Barry *

2) 14 Aug 2004     -     Cookie *

18 Jun 2003     -     Kate Alexander *
Peggy Barry *

16 Jun 2003 - Toselli's Serenade (Italian lyrics. not English) jjc - Athens, Ohio 


14 Jun 2003 - Deep in the Heart of Texas Marion
Austin Texas USA

16 Jun 2003     -     Charlie Griffin *
                         -      Peggy Barry *

The request for this song pulled at my heart strings.  When I was just a small girl, I used to sing this song (which is accompanied by clapping) and it was one that I sang often.  My dearest mother never forgot that, and when she was in the last part of her life and could no longer see, and it was harder for her to hear, she would ask me how she could know that it was "her Peggy" who was there with her.  All I had to do was to start singing this song and she would smile and say:  "Yes, that's my Peggy".  It brings tears to my eyes just to think of it.

11 Jun 2003 - Does anyone know the lyrics to an old Southern Gospel song titled, The First Million Years? Cookie, USA

25 Jun 2003     -     Cookie *

11 Jun 2003 - this song from mid-to-late '70's. It's a Rock-n-roll song. If I remember correctly, it goes like, "My Mama says until I say I do you say you won't, but I've got news for you until you say I do, I don't." I know it exists. But nobody ever knows anything about that song. Jeffery M.
Philadelphia, USA

10 Dec 2003     -  Tim C.  Akron, OH
I've had the same experience when asking people about that song.  So far no luck.  But I remember more of the lyrics, and that it was a partial remake of the Stones track "I can't get no satisfaction." The lyrics went "Your momma says until I say I do, you say you won't.  But I've got news for you, until you say you do I don't... I don't get no satisfaction...   Your momma says..    I can't get no. I remember it being popular in 1980?

10 Jun 2003 - My Dad by Paul Peterson on the Donna Reed Show.  Where can I get the sheet music or a tape of the music.  I am trying to put a childrens program together for Sunday June 16, 2003 father's day. Helen Pittman

12 Jun 2003     -     Charlie Griffin *
(sent MP3 to requestor)

02 Jun 2003 - trying to get words to a song.  Don't know the name of the song, but remember some of the words were  "I'm singing a song for the old folks, for your mother and my mother"  that's all I can remember, please help. I would really appreciate it. Thanks and god bless.  SALLY O'HARE

 03 Jun 2003     -     Peggy Barry *
composed in 1938 by Elton Box, Desmond  Cox, and Paddy Roberts.  recorded by Max Bygraves.  was featured in "The Showing Up of Corporal Jones".  The following websites provide places where sheet music or recording can be purchased: 

27 May 2003 -I work at the blind and visually impaired center in pacific grove, California.  Each week I do a sing a long and just heard the song, "oh it's a good day for singing a song..."peggy lee and thought this would be a good song for this week. Victoria Carns

27 May 2003     -     Cookie *

19 May 2003 -I See the moon and the moon sees me Jodi Thomason

19 Mar 2003   -   Jere *,   Charlie Griffin *

09 May 2003 - Is there another verse to this song?  Many years ago I saw “When You Were Sweet Sixteen” printed in an old songbook, and one of the words “my enraptured soul” corresponding to naught but joy for me.”  Do you know where I can find this information? William Blome

19 May 2003     -     Cookie *

07 May 2003 - Baby Got Back.  by Sir Mix-A-Lot. Blazin Beba

08 May 2003     -     Kathy *
Katy Malcolm *

06 May 2003 - "do the dishes and don't you talk back, go down to the butcher shop and buy me a roast" partial lyrics of a song from the 80's Jax

07 May 2003     -     Peggy Barry *
Title:- Nag

01 May 2003 - (1) I'm a lover, not a fighter.Skeeter Davis (2) Wake up irene. Hank Thompson (3) tree of life.  reno and smiley (4) i won't go hunting with you jake.  jimmy dean wanda

(1) 03 May 2003     -     Peggy Barry *
(2) 01 May 2003    
-     Cookie *
(4) 01 May 2003     -     Cookie *

26 Apr 2003 - I am a school teacher looking for the lyrics of 'im a little dutch girl' to sing in a summer show about Holland.  Cannot find the lyrics or music anywhere. Please help! Nicola

26/27 Apr 2003     -     Cookie *,
Frank Lowman *, Jere *,  Peggy Barry *

25 Apr 2003 - Chatanooga Choo-Choo...!!!!!!!!!!!!! La Dawn

25 Apr 2003     -     Charlie Griffin *
                          -     §helly Baillie
 -     Cookie *

22 Apr 2003 -Title=Smile «»Remarks=Smile when your heart is breaking Movylene Remsen  USA

22 Apr 2003     -     Katy Malcolm *  
                          -     Charlie Griffin *

22 Apr 2003 - Ave Maria Dalemich

22 Apr 2003    -     Cookie *

19 Apr 2003 - JOHN 3:16. «» Remarks=About a little boy living on the streets, went to a house, the woman told him the meaning of John 3:16 KATHRYN COFFMAN

27 Apr 2003     -     Peggy Barry *
(not a song, but a story, a very nice one)

10 Apr 2003 - I think this is an old WWII song and the only part I can remember is this: "there's fire on the mountain on the land and the sea when our Army and Navy over took the enemy,"  Faye Williamson
Ooltewah, USA

14 Apr 2003     -     Peggy Barry *
Smoke on the Water

04 Apr 2003 - Song title= I believe it's "oh mexico".«» Remarks= i heard this song on the classic country station the other day, but they never said the artist.  it's sung by a female, and is a classic country song about falling in love in mexico, or something along those lines.  Katie Lance   
Denton, Tx U.S.

29 Mar 2003     -     Charlie Griffin *
-     Frank Lowman *
(They sent some links)

04 Apr 2003 -"look me in the eye and tell me If you really loved her then why'd you make her cry?" Courtney
Austin Texas

04 Apr 2003    -     Shelly - Canada
-     Frank Lowman *
Man to Man

02 Apr 2003 - Stay in your own back yard KATHLEEN BUIVIDAS
cherry hill

03 Apr 2003    -     Cookie *

31 Mar 2003 - What's the Good of a Birthday (The Birthday Song)
Singer/Composer=Gracie Fields |«»  Remarks=My Aunt has asked me several times to find these lyrics for her but I've been unable to do so.  

24 Sep 2003     -     §helly Baillie

30 Mar 2003 - LAS MANANITAS: Do you have the guitar chords? Samuel Morehead


29 Mar 2003 - Please Please Please- get back to me-- I've been searching the internet for about 2 days now w/out sleeping to find the artist and lyrics of a song called I CANT BELIEVE MY EYES-- its from the movie mannequin 2 (on the move)... could you kindly get back to-- I'd appreciate that so much-- thanks alot--  shellbell

30 May 2003     -     Kate Alexander *

24 Mar 2003 - looking for a song that has the words... "there is an old spinning wheel in the parlor, spinning dreams of long ago..." mlm

24 Mar 2003    -     Cookie *
     Katy Malcolm *

22 Mar 2003 - Here Comes Jesus On A Donkey. Children's song. "Here comes Jesus on a donkey riding oh so slow, little children bow before him singing as they go. Hosanna Hosanna...." I don't know the rest or the 2nd verse. I believe the 3rd verse is same as 1st.  Thank you! Carol Swanson
Woodbury, MN


15 Mar 2003 -The Little Christmas Stocking With the Hole in the Toe
I think I learned this song in school in about 3rd grade which would be around 1962. 
"There's a house upon the hill Hanging on the windowsill
There's a little Christmas stocking with a hole in the toe"
(some more, not published here due to lack of space)
That's all I can remember, and I'm not sure about the order. I know the tune perfectly. I've never been able to find sheet music, or a recording, or anyone in a music store, etc. who ever heard of this song. It is an adorable song, and I would love to find a copy of it somewhere. 
Mary Jean
Albany New York USA

13 Sep 2003    -     Cookie *

15 Mar 2003 - please help me find the lyrics of the following:

1.  What Have They Done to the Rain.    2.  Mandolin in the Moonlight
3.  If I Have Wings Like an Angel.           4.  While There's Still Time
5.  Stranger on the Shore.                           6.  Lace-covered Window
Rue Ramas

1) 17 Mar 2003     -     Katy Malcolm *  
2) 17 Mar 2003     -     Katy Malcolm *
3. 17 Mar 2003     -     Al  French *
                                     Peggy Barry *

4) 17 Mar 2003     -     Katy Malcolm *
5) 17 Mar 2003     -     Charlie Griffin *
6) 14 Aug 2004     -     Cookie *

14 Mar 2003 - Song has these words, "You've Gotta have heart, miles and miles and miles of heart... or something of that nature.  Eddie Layton plays the tune on his organ CD but I need the words for a retirement party for a co-worker. Nancy Scott
Fargo, ND

17 Mar 2003     -     Charlie Griffin *
                                 Katy Malcolm *

05 Mar 2003 - The lyrics to an old Doris Day song "good morning"  I think she sang it in a film with Rock Hudson?  I could be wrong Gary Smith

18 Mar 2003     -     Peggy Barry *

01 Mar 2003 - " Happy Trails to You," an old Roy Rogers song. Don Burns. 18 Mar 2003     -     Peggy Barry *
Katy Malcolm *
26 Feb 2003 - I would please like to know if you can send me the lyrics (in Italian) for the song titled "Santa Lucia Charlie

08 Mar 2003     -     Frank Lowman *

23 Feb 2003 - I'm looking for the music and/or words to a song "Smiling Through".   My mother was singing this song at a talent show when my father met her for the first time.   She passed away earlier this week and my father would very much like the music.  He told me that one of the lines was similar to "When two eyes of blue came smiling through...." Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Alex Stormont

[ Our sympathies...
- Team of Web Partners ]

25 Feb 2003     -     Katy Malcolm *
                          -     Frank Lowman *

22 Feb 2003 - why do you build me up butter cup, baby , just to 
let me down and mess me around.
Catherine D'Amico
New York, usa

17 Mar 2003     -     Jere *
                          -     Cookie *

19 Feb 2003 - I think it is called "How's the world treating you" It is an old song and my grandfather use to sing it and I would really love to have the lyrics if you could find them. Liz

17 Mar 2003     -     Cookie *

17 Feb 2003 - that's me without you.  oh a night with no moonlight-a day with no sun-a plane with no pilot-a watch that won't run connie
crossville tn

18 Mar 2003     -     Peggy Barry *

15 Feb 2003 - Anak.  by Freddie Aguilar. English version done in 70s. Dennis Kwok
Houston, USA

25 Mar 2003     -     Al  French *
available (RealPlayer .RAM file) in Phillipino (original) & English. download  Lyrics (.doc file) in Phillipino

09 Feb 2003 - "God must have loved America to make it the land of the free. He took a corner of heaven, and gave it to you, and me Your welcome in America as long as your heart beats true. God must have loved America, And I love America too". Margaret Matthew
Waterford, VT   USA

(e-mails to you get returned.  Pls contact me <Carlo>

26 Mar 2003     -     Peggy Barry *

07 Feb 2003 - I need the lyrics for the song All That Jazz from the musical Chicago.  Can you e-mail them to me please?  Becky

24 Mar 2003     -     Charlie Griffin *
-     Katy Malcolm *

04 Feb 2003 - "sweet potatoes in the oven and they're growing good and brown+there's a great big watermelon when the season comes around." unknown next line. "In the smoke house there's a ham. Oh I'd rather be a plumber than a hard working man".  Sung by my Dad. Ron & Dottie Schmidt


03 Feb 2003 - A song by Frank Crumit, about the game of golf. Possibly called Donald the Dub. Donald the Dub joined the Country club and the guy that he is after, is the crazy Scot who invented the plot that robbed all the world of laughter. Other words include - The dirty little pill went rolling down the hill and rolled right into the water. He cursed with his might and he cursed with his main coz he didn't have his g'loshes when he oughta. Doreen

01 Apr 2003     -     Peggy Barry *
although I was able to find lyrics to several of Frank Crumit's songs....I could not find the lyrics for "Donald the Dub".  However, the song is on a CD called "A Gay Caballero"  (singer, Frank Crumit) and is available at: or

28 Jan 2003 - My Dad - paul peterson mann & weil. "my dad, now there was a man" Donna
Sterling, USA

Song no. 377 in Song index

27 Jan 2003 - 50 some odd years, we sang this song at school,  I was very young. I don't know all the words, but I remember the song goes like this, "Mother Nature " was so sorry for her children coal and grey- hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ---------------------, around the tulip's bed.   That is all I can remember of the song.   I  hum it a lot,  my grands like the tune, they keep asking me to sing the whole song.   Kathleen


19 Jan 2003 - .... words to the theme song from High Noon? William Hastings

23 Jan 2003     -     Al  French *

15 Jan 2003 - I am looking for the lyrics to a song my grandmother sang to me some 40 years ago, i only remember parts. "I have a pink peti from Peter, I've a little blue peti from John I've got one green and yella from some other fella and one which i haven't got on... C Horton


03 Jan 2003 - The sun is a wounded deer that lives in the forest with the trees????? Donna

07 Jan 2003     -     Peggy Barry *

01 Jan 2003 - Cherrokee Nation. (from the 60's) Just love it, an older one about the Cherrokee nation as it says. I would love to have this. Little Bird
Beula  USA

02 Jan 2003     -     Peggy Barry *

01 Jan 2003 - My father used to sing a song, but he'd always sing the same part of the song. They lyrics were, "Well, Granny she's got the fliver, she's headin' for the river. Now ain't that like a man's mother-in-law for you?" A fliver is another name for a Model-T. The model T was manufactured between 1907 and 1927 around there. My father is about 75 years old and came from New Hampshire. Here's a link to me singing what I know of the song, Gary Creighton
New Hampshire, USA


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