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28 Dec 2004 - Drunk. "Reached for the knob missed the whole darn dooor. Drunk". Casey Hawkings
Columbus Ohio

29 Dec 2004   Frank Lowman*

27 Dec 2004 - "Baby it's cold outside" Michael *

31 Dec 2004   §helly Baillie*, Charlie Griffin, Frank Lowman*

23 Dec 2004 - Nobody Loves A Fairy When She's Forty.
Singer/Composer= W D Henley. sung by Gracie Fields
Gail Hocevar
Chemainus Canada

29 Dec 2004   Frank Lowman*

13 Dec 2004 - Hey this is Lisa, remember me, you helped me find a song four months ago. I need your help again. It's this rap song I think with a traditional reggae tune. The singers sound kind of young, like under the age of 13 years old. I'm not sure if it would be classified as reggae or rap. It's definately not a ghetto or ganster rap song. The kids sing the chorus.  a line in the song is "....but I know one thing , this is a life of pain" The song is relatively new, It  may have came out between the years 2001 to 2004. Lisa


12 Dec 2004 - A song I have been trying to locate without success is Red Ingles "Cigareets and Whiskey......" Richard Spurrell

14 Dec 2004   §helly Baillie*

11 Dec 2004 - Do you know the lyrics and chords to Bobby Bear's "Marie Loveau?" Keith Sheree Doyle

14 Dec 2004   §helly Baillie* (lyrics)
30 Dec 2004   Frank Lowman* (chords)

11 Dec 2004 - Seeking the song with the following lyrics; "Happy Birthday kid here's my present to you when we're your older we'er through" - I believe it was released in the early 1980s? John B.
Toronto, Canada


07 Dec 2004 - "That sad little life, I know that man up there on that cross, and i know he got off. He was there the day that my parents died." Casey
Ellensburg, USA

07 Dec 2004   §helly Baillie*

22 Nov 2004 -Wake up,you sleepy head,haul your hiney out of bed Pat -  Oroville,CA 


20 Nov 2004 -I am tying to find out the artist & title of this song all I know are a few words which are "life on the desert for 2000 years. Fox


04 Nov 2004 -"I just want my baby back". - jerry kilgore Simon Brady


04 Nov 2004 - Song by Mike Morgan and the crawl
Remarks=Blues song lyrics that contain "when girls do it"  Point of song is guy can jump from an airplane...but when girls do it. 
Karen O'Keefe
Alpharetta USA


03 Nov 2004 - "I keep my fingernails long so they'll click where i play the piano" Angela Booth

03 Nov 2004  Cookie *, §helly Baillie*
Title: Fingernails 

02 Nov 2004 - Paese - Nicola Di Bari Sam
trumbull, USA

03 Nov 2004  Cookie *

02 Nov 2004 -"If i was a vacuum, i'd be sucking up competition" Eric
San Antonio, tx, USA
02 Nov 2004 -§helly Baillie*
Title: Ditty 
23 Oct 2004 - I need to know the title of the song, the author, and the year for an early folk ballad that contains the following terms :
    "    ... Now I ask you charming               ... yet on that golden head, my hungry eyes are fed...                     ... every strand is like a thread of yellow silk, fine silk!"
It is about a thwarted lover who pines over a blond girl.  


19 Oct 2004 - please source the song sang by a french man (but in english!) with the only lyrics being "I want to know" repeated throughout the song Louise Crawford


17 Oct 2004 - My grandfather used to sing just these lines:
"If you live to get home - won't you tell them that I'm gone,
that I sleep in a gallant soldier's grave"
dorothy westphal

23 Oct 2004 -§helly Baillie*
Title: A British soldier's grave

12 Oct 2004 - Looking for the title and artist of a 1950s or 60s Western/cowboy-style song with the following lyrics:
"Across the prairie he came   -   Iron Horse, Iron Horse
Puffing smoke, breathing flame   -   Iron Horse, Iron Horse
Him quicker than spirit of lightning   -   Him travel on big iron wheel
Arrow and bow no can stop Iron Horse - Iron Horse have heart of steel
Oriole Adams


02 Oct 2004 - Looking for the words to - If You Knew Suzie A Stillwell

06 Oct 2004  -  Peggy Barry *, Cookie *

01 Oct 2004 - (1)Would like to see anything you have on the Ballad of Pegleg Pete.  Around 1950 USA country and western.  "There was a bad ol' bandit from the Banhorn Creeks, and a mean-eyed rat was he. He had one good leg and the other was a peg, and he lived in a holler tree.... 
(2) Also, to the tune of "Put on your old Gray Bonnet":    "In the year of ninety-seven Pa was tryin' to get to Heaven and he shor did make a scene.  Pa and Ma and brother Willie they had worked til they were silly tryin' to build a flyin' machine.  ...


11 Sep 2004 - (1) Looking for artist & title I have a little WAV file with part of the song "I throw it all away just to hear you say I love you, I do" (2) "Waiting Waiting for you to come home. I sit alone and ____ at the phone and I cry for you and I dream and then suddenly" ... "I have a thousand tears to cry" Nicolás
Rosario - Argentina


05 Sep 2004 - Joylene - Dolly Parton "Joylene, Joylene, Dont take my man from me" Murray John
Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

08 Sep 2004 -§helly Baillie*, Peggy *

20 Aug 2004 - "She is the one" & "Eternity" - Robbie Wiliams christine - Malaysia

20 Aug 2004 -§helly Baillie*

19 Aug 2004 - "Hey Mr. tree, do you remember me? I used to sit on your knee, Mr. tree" S Easton 
Washington, DC

 ?    30 Sep 2004 - Hartmut
Artist:   The New York Rock & Roll Ensemble
Title:  The New York Rock & Roll Ensemble
Date: 1968 Label:  Atco Records    SD33-240

19 Aug 2004 - looking for the name of a country song from back the 70's or 80's. The lyrics that I remember are... "Your nobody called today, she hung up when I asked her name, so I wonder does she think she's being clever." Lisa 

20 Aug 2004 -§helly Baillie*, Jere *
Title: Nobody

16 Aug 2004 - (1) The song i'm looking for contains the words "take good care of your children, mothers and fathers, show 'em that you love them" I think the title might be "take good care of your children" but i'm not sure. Please can you help me with the correct title and singer 
(2) song containing the words "of a million lights". There is a song with the title "A Million Lights" perfornmed by "Tree 63", but that's not the one I'm looking for. I think the band in this case is ELO. 
Pretoria, South Africa

1)17 Aug 2004-§helly Baillie*, Peggy Barry *
Title: Take good care of your children
2)17 Aug 2004-
§helly Baillie*, Peggy Barry *
Title: Power of a million lights

10 Aug 2004 - Do you have, or can you get the  lyrics for "The
Little Boy
" ?

12 Aug 2004  §helly Baillie, Peggy Barry *,  Frank Lowman *  

15 Jul 2004 - "God is, God is; that's all I need to know" Betty Lehman
Weems, Va


09 Jul 2004 - My father is interested in finding  the name of this song and I would like to be able purchase it for him.  It goes something like "crawling and a creeping into the room where Mary's sleeping".  Probably a 1930's or 40's song as he would have been a child at that time.   Diane

06 Sep  2004  Patrick Gill
Title: Crawlin and a creepin

09 Jul 2004 - Title is believed to be, here's to the wife. "i've got a girl that loves me more than life.  i've got a girl that loves me more than life. i've got a girl she's so fine, sends cold shivers up and down my spine, the wife.  so drink up boys and have a little toast to the queenie of them all, you can't live with 'em and you can't live without 'em, so heres to the wife. John Tulppo
Saginaw, Mi

10 Jul 2004  §helly Baillie *, Peggy Barry *, Cookie *
Title: The Wife

13 Jun 2004 - "barbeque stains on my white t-shirt,
                   she was killing me in that mini skirt"
Linwood USA

14 Jun 2004  §helly Baillie *

06 Jun 2004 - I cannot find the lyrics to Roll on Mississippi, Artist: Charlie Pride, anywhere can you help? Steve

06 Jun 2004  §helly Baillie *, Peggy Barry *

05 Jun 2004 -"Oh Give Me A Home For Tonight Sir, A Home and a small piece of bread. The morning dawned, the boy and his dog lay dead at the richman's door, but his soul had fled to another world where there's bread and room for the poor." Florence
Townsville Australia
(Pls contact me. I have lost your e-address)

13 Jul 2004  Cookie *
Title: The Orphan Boy And His Dog

05 Jun 2004 - Red Morning Sun. "She held the bridle band in her little rungless hand and she dreamed of Old Red Morning Sun" Florence
Townsville Australia

09 Jun 2004  Frank Lowman *

31 May 2004 - An old song - I'd like the title and artist. Some chorus lyrics are, "Butterflies red, butterflies blue, oh how they clutter up and butter up my view. i picture rings, weddings and things, I hear an organ play and someone say I do." mitch carroll
summerville, SC, USA

?27 Mar 2005  - I'm pretty sure that the Song is Butterflies by Patti Page which was a minor hit in 1953. It was remade by the Caribbeans in 1968 in Jamaica. It's a tough song to track down. Good luck, RW

19 May 2004 - My Little Red Wagon Bob

19 May 2004  §helly Baillie *, Peggy Barry *

15 May 2004 - Once in Love with Amy Aida Opera

16 May 2004  §helly Baillie *

10 May 2004 - Does your chewing loose it's flavor on the bed post over night. Dave Tucker
nj, usa

10 May 2004  §helly Baillie *

06 May 2004 - country song containing the lyrics-"she hypnotized the moon" Sweetlips

10 May 2004  §helly Baillie * 

03 May 2004 - Sally, by Gracie Fields Aidan Farrell
Dublin Ireland

04 May 2004  §helly Baillie * , Katy Malcolm

03 May 2004 - you're in the Army now "your in the army now, not behind a plow". I need the sheet music for this song. Terri
MeDavid Fl.

08 May 2004  - Peggy Barry *

25 Apr 2004 - Oh, I Had Such a Pretty Dream, Mamma,  by J. S. Lewis Pam Smith

10 May 2004  - Donald Robertson

07 Apr 2004 -SO DEEP IS THE NIGHT, which I believe is the English version of the French "Les Amants", sung by Nana Mouskouri (arranged by Loubet and Mornay)... this melody is Chopin's Etude in E Major, opus 10, no.3... I did a search on the net and found that SO DEEP IS THE NIGHT has been performed by Lesley Garrett...Do you think you can help me with it? Ajit Mani

02 Sep 2004  - Tonny Van Bokhoven

05 Apr 2004 - I'm  looking for the lyrics to L'Italiano  in english. Linda

06 Apr 2004  - Peggy Barry *

24 Mar 2004 - In The Valley of The Moon - Joseph A Burke
"We kissed and said goodbye, she cried and so did I and now you ask me why I'm sighing. Once again we meet by the roses in the valley of the moon".
Townsville Australia

for sheet music 

20 Mar 2004 - Where the sun will never go down. "where the sun will never go down, where the sun will never go down, the flowers will bloom forever and the sun will never go down". becky
west virginia , usa


15 Mar 2004 - una spina e una rosa Lou Pompilio
Phillipsburg, USA


10 Mar 2004 - old song called good time sue Carey Hardin


01 Mar 2004 - Does anyone know the tune/other verses to a ?40s? song, "If I had a nickel, I know just what I'd do, I'd spend it all on candy (?) and I'd give it all to you"--my octagenerian mother and her 3 sisters and one brother are spending hours on the telephone, trying to remember it--have promised them wonderful results with my computer!  Mcanham

01 Mar 2004 Kate Alexander *, §helly Baillie *

29 Feb 2004 -  I don't know the name of it or who it's by but they lyrics go : "I know when I want you but don't know what for". It was on the Movie Jack The Bear Jamie Payne


26 Feb 2004 - Can you please help me find the song with the lyrics "you're so different from the rest" that may be the title or just a part of the lyrics.  I believe it is from the 1930's.  Carrie Specksgoor

08 Mar 2004  - Peggy Barry *

20 Feb 2004 - I've got eighteen cents to spend for Christmas, don't know what to do, must buy gifts for mom and dad, Rover and teacher and sister, too. Beverly Rozas
Ville Platte, LA, USA

26 Aug 2005  - Heather Roach
After several years of searching, I finally found a copy of this album.  I would be more than happy to share!
Please put "christmas is for children" in the subject line

20 Feb 2004 - Italian version of Darktown Strutters Ball as sung  by Louis Prima.  Since this song is in a dialect, I would like to use it in my Italian classes.   Ro Guccia

23 Feb 2004  - Peggy Barry *
(not the version by Louis Prima)

28 Jan 2004 - (1) Bells Across the Meadow "Can you hear those church bells chimimg" (2)That was before I met you - Charley Pride (3) Lace Covered Window "When you walk through life all alone" (4) Blue Rose Is - Pam Tillis "Her lips and her dress ther'e both ruby red" (5) Karina McCauley
Canterbury New Zealand
(I've lost your address)

(2) 31 Jan 2004  - Peggy Barry *
(3) 14 Aug 2004 -
Cookie *
(4) 01 Feb 2004  - Peggy Barry *

27 Jan 2004 - This was an italian opera I learned in High school and would love to find the sheet music, but I need a title!!  It goes like this...(please pardon my is all from singing memory of sounds..). "Il cuore peu non mi sento..amore se coplpa cuore del mio tormento...amore se culpa tu...mi punzi qui mi mastiqui me punzi qui mi cuore sent certo que...pieeta, pieta, pieta..".etc...  Kimberly
Irving, TX


23 Jan 2004 - if you're happy and you know it zahra

25 Jan 2004  - Edward C.  Hinckley *, §helly Baillie *, Caroline Andrews 

23 Jan 2004 - Hey Gumbaree - (Lou Monte). I have a recording of this song and my students want to learn it, I need the lyrics. Sheet music would be great too if it can be found...I wonder if it has a different title... Phoebe
Redding, CA USA

28 Jan 2004  - Peggy Barry *
Title: Eh, Cumpari!

21 Jan 2004 -I am seeking the song with these lyrics...
"And they laid her down in de cotton field,
And she tumbled and she tumbled in de sun,
And this was the vest her Mamma made her,
And this was the song she sung..."
My Mother used to sing it as the intro to Lulla, Lulla Bye Bye which your site says is Paul Robeson, but I'm not sure that she hadn't made up her own medley!
Susan Lee
London, England
Joanna Lee
Bracknell, UK
Paul Lane


19 Jan 2004 - Do you know the lyrics / song title to this song: "Stay as sweet as you are, you divine one?"


19 Jan 2004 Kate Alexander *, §helly Baillie *, Cookie *

03 Jan 2004 - The First Day (you wake up alone) by Beverley Mahood.
Please Please find this song for me... I love this song and can not find them anywhere, nor can I find the song to download to learn them myself.
Victoria, Canada

22 Jan 2004     -     Melissa Fuller 
Title: The first day you wake up alone

03 Jan 2004 - Looking for artist & title remember lyrics:  "I loved you in the morning, your kisses deep and warm, your head upon the pillow, like a sleepy golden storm, many loved before us, I know they are not new, in city and in forest they loved like me and you" Vicky Doerr
Destin, FL  USA

04 Jan 2004     -     §helly Baillie *
Title: Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye

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