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24 Dec 2005 - "Someday I know we will meet again after our goodbye........How I wish I could go with you But the memories.....
Till one day, one day, one day we will meet again...
Rue Ramas
Gen. Santos City, Philippines


16 Dec 2005 - Can you help me Identify an old song something like "My Truly Bear…ribbons for your golden hair or yellow hair" Kaliher

20 Dec 2005 - Peggy*
My Truly, Truly Fair

16 Dec 2005 - candy Lisa, NY, USA

17 Dec 2005 - Peggy* ,§helly Baillie*

24 Nov 2005 - I would like the words to a Frank Crumit song entitled "And Then He Took Up Golf" Lane Howell

27 Nov 2005 - Peggy*

15 Nov 2005 - fall in love with jesus - jim & cookie ebony- plant city florida

15 Nov 2005 - Peggy*,§helly Baillie*

15 Nov 2005 - abdul abulbul amir ?

15 Nov 2005 - Peggy*,§helly Baillie*

15 Nov 2005 - "Tina, Tina, you're rocking the boat, you're splashing the water on my new suede coat", Lynda

More words: "The sea she's rough and I don't wanna pet, likely get pneumonia if my feet get wet. Tina. Not Now, Tina, not now.
(This is a pretty rare song. I believe it's from 1956-59 era, and not all that popular. I went on a radio program where the object is to stump the
experts (and also find out more about unknown songs). No one knew of "Tina", they thought I had made it up. Nope.)
Phil, Old music lover from the Canadian Prairies

15 Nov 2005 - Need lyrics to a Halloween song, possibly from the 1960's.  Seven little ghosts.  Part says "For Tommy told a real ghost story, a story that would scare you, too!"  And does anyone know where I could find the music?  The tune? Kate*

15 Nov 2005 - Peggy*,§helly Baillie*
Peggy* is looking for the music/tune

01 Nov 2005 - If your child needs a daddy I can help cindy az usa

02 Nov 2005 - Peggy*, Maria*,§helly Baillie*, Kate*

16 Oct 2005 - the song has the lyrics in it "papa papa look over yonder cattlemen are coming for our land" Kathysue


16 Oct 2005 - could you please send me the lyrics to Last rose of summer. thank you so much. Marshmallowjunki

16 Oct 2005 - Maria*, §helly Baillie*, Gale Scott *

08 Oct 2005 - "the market song" by lonnie donegan and max miller. trying to get lyrics and music john browning
loughton  england

09 Oct 2005 - Cookie*
Song with music (audio)

06 Oct 2005 - I don't know the title unfortunately. " and we all pray to jesus, and we all pray the same, pray pray ....etc etc" its kinda old, from the seventies i guess. i can't find it anywhere or anyhow! i like it not because i'm religious i just like the music drabbie
Vlissingen, the Netherlands


01 Oct 2005 - do you know artist and title? my mother used to sing it. the lyrics go: "oh gee, but ain't it nice to have a girl so fat, that when you go to kiss her, you don't know where you're at, so you take a piece of chalk in your hand, and you hug around and chalk around to see where you began. One day, as I was hugging and chalking, chalking and hugging away, I met another fella coming around the mountain, coming around the other way" ?

01 Oct 2005 - Maria* (in Canada)
Ringwald rated R
02 Oct 2005 - §helly Baillie*
Hoagy Carmichael

04 Sep 2005 -i am looking for the lyrics to a song my mom used to have on a  45 rpm it was called the Battle of New Orleans ... a  country type song i think ... a man was the artist maybe someone like  Jimmy Dean  dont remember who it was and we have long since lost track of all our 45's Bobbie Davis

05 Sep 2005 - Sue - England, Al Branchaud*, Peggy Barry*, Al French*, Kate Alexander*, Frank Lowman*, §helly Baillie*
site with the music midi to hear as well

17 Aug 2005 -"Way down the street there's a light in his place - He opens the door he's got that look on his face - And he asks you where you've been - You tell him who you've seen - And you talk about anything.... " Lee Evans
London, England

19 Aug 2005 - §helly Baillie*
Baker Street

12 Aug 2005 -"Good Old Mountain Music" Dorothy Cote


07 Aug 2005 -It's a song about a message on an answering machine, like after years he is calling her and there is some message "if you get this I still think of you" Daniela
Chicago, IL

08 Aug 2005 - §helly Baillie*

02 Aug 2005 -there is this song i heard on the tv show girlfriends episode 78 between brock and a hard place aired  11-17-03 i don't know who sing it i really need to know it sound like trence trent d'arby here are some of the words from the beginning of the song  "if you leave me would you turn off the lights so my eyes won't see that my fantasy won't escape me for reality" Diane Windom Milwaukee Wisconsin

02 Aug 2005 - §helly Baillie*
The song was called "What Shall I Do?".  It was sung by Terence Trent d'Arby and can be found on his CD "Wildcard".

22 Jul 2005 - To Daddy  by Dolly Parton Danielle Smith
Vilna Alberta Canada

24 Jul 2005  -  Peggy Barry *, §helly Baillie*, Katy *

12 Jul 2005 - Who recorded the old country song: "I Don't Care What You Used To Be For I Know What You Arte Today?" Don 12 Jul 2005 - §helly Baillie*, Peggy Barry *
: Frankie Starr
22 Jun 2005 -need the words to This Little Light of Mine for Tomorrow Linda Kirk

24 Jun 2005 - §helly Baillie*, Sylvia Patterson*

21 Jun 2005 - the song is from the 50's or 60's and starts off with "Now me and my wife and my brother joe took off in my ford for stampede row.  Hadn't much gas and the tires were low, but that dog gone ford could really go" -Hope somebody out there knows the title and artist. john metcalf
los angeles USA

24 Jun 2005 - §helly Baillie*
click here for many variations
                     - Frank Lowman*
Hoy Rod Race

14 Jun 2005 - (1) You're My Sugar Lump Singer/Composer=unknown. Trying to find this record, done around early 50's.  Only know the lines, 'You're my sugar lump, you grow sweeter and sweeter in every way, ....sugar got lips like candy, eyes that shine, baby doll you're  a dandy and top it off you are mine...'  Title and singer would like to know.   Also, Who did and title for songs with words: (2) "I cried a tear because of you, I cried a tear what else could I do.  Please make my dreams of you come true, don't make me cry a tear for you" Gee Byrd
Livermore, CA, USA

21 Jun 2005 - §helly Baillie*

14 Jun 2005 - the words to "daddys taking us to the zoo tomorrow" .... id be really grateful and it would settle a big argument. karen potter

21 Jun 2005 - §helly Baillie*
Going to the Zoo
           Daddy's Taking Us to the Zoo Tomorrow

11 Jun 2005 - Do you, by any chance, know the words to the song  "Mrs Robinson" the theme song in The Dustin Hoffman/Anne Bancroft movie "The Graduate"?  Sorry to read that Ann Bancroft died recently. Richard

14 Jun 2005 - §helly Baillie*, Frank Lowman *, John Metcalf

09 Jun 2005 -"I thought that you were gone forever" corrina dingreville


08 Jun 2005 - Starts off with carnival music and the first words are "Step right up, hear the man with the..." Lady singer, oldies Lisa


04 Jun 2005 - Cherry Ripe Jenny Moir

13 Jun 2005  -  Peggy Barry *, §helly Baillie*

29 May 2005 - Jackie Gleason did songs/narratives in the 50's. One was To a Sleeping Beauty which was, of course, for a daughter. I think there was also one for a son. What was it? Theresa Fisher

07 Jun 2005 - K.R. Edwards
"To a Seeping Beauty" was done by Jimmy Dean, He also did "No Charge" for a son.

26 May 2005 - The lyrics I remember are (when I was a young person in Maryland and it had frequent airplay), Like this: " And it's all because your momma don't dance and your daddy don't rock and roll.  Where do you go?  You rock and roll".Please let me know the song title and artists involved with either the original and or cover songs. Jeffrey Vince

18 Jun 2005  -  Frank Lowman *, §helly Baillie*
Title: Your mama don't dance
Loggins and Messina

17 May 2005 - Here's to life - Shirley Horn Sas

13 Jun 2005  -  Peggy Barry *, §helly Baillie*

11 May 2005 - the song lyrics are "is it destiny or is it fate or have i found my soul mate". the bridemaids walked down the isle to this song on the tv show girlfriends in tonis wedding to todd. RoseXyBunny

12 May 2005 - §helly Baillie*
Title: You're All I Need -Isley Brothers

30 Apr 2005 - "Let me in , I thought you were my friend, wee ooo whoop wee ooo" Dan Rhea
Valdese USA

02 May 2005 - §helly Baillie*

26 Apr 2005 - "Slap her down again Pa" sung by Arthur Godfrey in 1949. Used to have a 78 record when I was a little girl, don't remember the flip side.....would like to find a 78 record of this song.......thanks, KJ
Lost your e-address.
Send me a mail pls.

13 Jun 2005  -  Peggy Barry *

14 Apr 2005 - in the eighties there was a song with the following chorus: "Why lover why, why do flowers die, why lover why".
There is another part of the song that says: "I need you, so far from hell, so far from you ..........."  I don't know the singer or the name of the song. I would like to know these and if possible also the lyrics.

17 Apr 2005  -  Peggy Barry *

13 Apr 2005 - I'm trying to find the lyrics of a song sung by Gracie Fields on her return performance after the war. She opened with this number at a london theatre, this performance was filmed . The title is  "Take me to your heart again" Dave
(pls send me a mail to send the lyrics- Carlo)

13 Aug 2005  - Sue - England

10 Apr 2005 - Tea for Two. "Tea for Two, and two for Tea
Me for you, and you for me"
Bianca Jones
Auburn, Ca, USA

17 Apr 2005  -  Peggy Barry *

28 Mar 2005 - Would you so happen to have the music (notes to play by) for the song  "Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus"?  I sure would like to get it if at all possible.    Thanks Nanaziggy`
Lake Placid/ USA

02 Apr 2005  -  Peggy Barry * (Guitar chords).

28 Mar 2005 - I have another song that has escaped me for years. Perhaps you know it, too. The lyrics contained the words, "Tina, Tina, you're rocking the boat, splashing water on my new suede coat. Tina, Tina, sit down. We'll both catch pneumonia and we both will drown." At least, that's the way I remember it. It had a catchy little tune. Thanks again for your help. Mitch Carroll
summerville, SC, USA


23 Mar 2005 - I am looking for a song called bless me.  Some of the lyrics are "If you're looking to bless somebody oh Lord bless me.  If you're looking to heal somebody, if you're looking to touch somebody, if you're looking to save somebody oh Lord bless me". Daphne Jordan


23 Mar 2005 - I believe the words you sent me are for a song different from the one I requested of you.  I wanted the words for "O solo mio", not "O sole mio". (Please note the different spelling.) Robert Assaly


23 Mar 2005 - Ti Amero  by Il Divo. such a beautiful song , i need to know what its about. please help! sam mortimer
surrey uk

Lost your e-address.
Send me a mail pls

13 Jun 2005  -  Peggy Barry *

02 Mar 2005 - "If I had a nickel, you know what I would do, I'd buy you lots of candy and give it all to you,  That's how much I love you that's how much I care." Angela

03 Mar 2005 - §helly Baillie*, Peggy Barry *

27 Feb 2005 - All Alone. "I would like to be all alone with my god (or lord) to pray" Nanaziggy`
Lake Placid/ USA

17 Mar 2005  -  Peggy Barry *

17 Feb 2005 - Many years ago as a young girl sittin in Papa Joe's Pizza Parlor , My Papa would play a wonderful ole Italian song that had the words...Angelina Pepperina put her in a pizza and eat her up, She's a pizza pie or something to that affect.  It would mean a great deal to me to have that song now as I am getting a great deal older and my Papa is not doing very well .  I am not aware of the title or the singer either.  If anyone has any idea what the info could be please leave a message for me.  Thank you for your time.                                                     Amare, Angelina

18 Feb 2005  -  Peggy Barry *
by Louis Prima

16 Feb 2005 - Trying to find out who sings the song with the words: aw honey,honey  sugar,sugar.Any help with the artist who sings this is appreciated. RLNO43

24 Feb 2005 - Kate Alexander *, Scott Gale *, §helly Baillie*
Sung by:
The Archies

26 Jan 2005 - I'd like the words to (1) "we're in the same boat brother" and (2) "digging my potatoes" both by Leadbelly, and recorded by Long John Baldry (an excellent blues CD). Dana Bush
Calgary, AB

(1) 24 Feb 2005 - §helly Baillie*
The Same Boat, Brother
24 Feb 2005 - §helly Baillie*, Frank Lowman*

24 Jan 2005 - lyrics to the song "They're holding up the ladder" SimBlankensh 24 Feb 2005 - §helly Baillie*

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