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Last updated - 24/Jan/2014

Tribute to Peggy
Peggy in Sri Lanka Newspaper Sad News! - 16/Jan/2013
Our great friend Peggy Barry has won the race - the race we are all running.
Heaven is made of great and kind souls like Peggy. So our great loss is Heaven's gain. We know that we now have someone near and dear to us to help and protect us when we pray in future.
I got to know Peggy through my Lyrics website I started in 1999. Very soon, it became very popular and started growing so much so, I had to break it into sub pages according to the years 1999 to 2005.
1999 2000 -(7) 2001 -(23) 2002 -(68) 2003 -(36) 2004 -(16) 2005 -(22)  2019  Index
Number of times Peggy's name appears in the respective page is given within brackets.
When you visit those pages, you will discover and appreciate how much Peggy helped me in producing these pages. I am hastily reproducing those pages to show my appreciation N.B. Some links and my e-mail address are not valid now. If you like to contact me send mail to
Also mail me anything you like to include in this page "tribute to Peggy"

Carlo Fernando
Sri Lanka