If I become President of Sri Lanka,

I would like ...

  1. If traffic on a main road is not interrupted by vehicles coming from by-roads.
  2. if no driver drives on the wrong side of the road overtaking vehicles just because one is late or to show-off the newly acquired powerful vehicle.
  3. if motorists do not over-take (improperly) the vehicles which are not moving and waiting in a line due to a block ahead.
  4. if motorists do not sound the horn unless you want to ask for help or give a message to the motorist in front.
  5. if motorists do not sound the horn as soon as the yellow light comes on (even before the green comes on).
  6. if buses do not stop and wait for passengers who are yet to come.
  7. if passengers wait at the bus stand instead, for the bus which has not come yet.
  8. if the bus stops only at the bus halt and leave as soon as the last passenger gets in.
  9. if passengers wait in a queue for the bus. First to come to the bus halt, to get in first.
  10. if bus conductors and drivers speak to passengers in a nice way.
  11. if people wait in queues wherever there are at least two waiting for the same thing.
  12. if expiry date & price of a consumer item is placed on a fixed place on all items, like the top right hand corner on a letter or post card for its stamp.
  13. if all roads have clear name boards indicating the road names as well as directions to destinations clearly marked in a uniform way. Same colour, same lettering (big), same style.
  14. if all houses and shops display their respective numbers in a uniform way.
  15. if all Sri Lankans begin to be honest.
  16. if policemen stop the habit of encouraging motorists to use the wrong lane during peak time in the morning.
Await more ...
Started   17/03/2010
Updated 13/06/2014
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